Santonio Holmes rookie cards have always been popular with Jets fans. Santonio Holmes is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Holmes was traded to the Jets from the Steelers after some problems with the league.  He has outstanding abilities and will give Mark Sanchez a speed receiver to throw too.  If Santonio Holmes can return to the skill level that he played with the Steelers he will help the Jets contend for a Super Bowl victory.  This is why his football cards have become great investments.  There are many different Santonio Holmes rookie cards to choose from.  This can make collecting his RC Santonio Holmes Rookie Cardcards a little confusing for collectors.  So what are the best Santonio Holmes rookie cards to buy?  Here is a detailed list of some of the most expensive Santonio Holmes rookie cards that have ever been produced.  Each card has a detailed evaluation about what to watch out for before making a purchase. We have also included important information about card condition factors that can greatly affect the value of a Santonio Holmes RC card. We have also included up to date pricing on what Santonio Holmes rookie cards are worth.  If you collect Santonio Holmes Football cards you are going to want to know which ones are worth buying.  Santonio Holmes RC cards can be outstanding investments as long as you know what you are buying.

Best Santonio Holmes Rookie Cards

2006 Upper Deck Exquisite Santonio Holmes Rookie Card

These are some of the best Santonio Holmes rookie cards that have ever been produced. They are also some of the most expensive. These rookie cards have all been autographed by San Antonio and individually numbered to only 99. These extremely rare rookie cards are outstanding investments.

2006 Playoff Contenders Santonio Holmes Rookie Card

This is another great Santonio Holmes rookie card.  All of these cards have been hand signed by the Jets wide out.   These are some of the most popular football cards produced by Playoff.

2006 Topps Santonio Holmes Rookie Card

There are a few different variations to these popular Topps football cards.  Some of these variations include a special edition card which is much harder to find then the regular base cards.  There was also a kickoff edition which has also become a popular card.

Santonio Holmes rookie cards have a lot of upside.  Mark Sanchez rookie cards and Shonn Greene rookie cards are also worth taking a look at as the success of the Jets will affect all of their Football cards.  You may also want to consider investing in Santonio Holmes autograph cards or Santonio Holmes jersey cards.  Make sure that before you buy any Santonio Holmes rookie cards that you pay very close attention to the condition that they are in.