Basketball cards have always been popular collectibles, but knowing which cards to buy can be hard.   Hot basketball rookie cards are always the most popular, but autographed basketball cards are coming in at a close second.

Hot Basketball CardsHot Basketball rookie cards

If you are a basketball card collector, knowing who is hot can help you make better informed decisions and hopefully save you a lot of money. Some NBA stars have over 100 rookies cards so knowing  which are the best and most valuable cards can be a daunting task.  This data was compiled from online auction sales, customer feedback, and other online resources. Each page also talks about condition flaws that buyers should be aware of before making a purchase.  Knowing what to look for is half the battle.  Knowing how much to pay is the other.


If you are seller and are in the process of selling your cards the articles below can help you find updated information on what they are really worth.  Outdated price guides are a thing of the past as the internet has evolved.  The links below can help you get a quick idea of what your basketball card collection is worth.   You can also go directly to our free online basketball price guide and type in your individual cards one by one.

Current Top 10 Hot Basketball Rookie Cards

Basketball Cards of Past Players and Hall of Famers