GMA Grading testimonialsAt GMA Grading we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service. Here you can find GMA Grading testimonials of customers who have submitted cards to GMA over the years. From the moment your sports cards arrive at our facility, our goal is to ensure you receive that kind of treatment that thousands of customers before you already have. We could tell you that our service is the most inexpensive in the industry. We can also tell you that our turnaround times are unrivaled. We could tell you that our staff is committed to your satisfaction. However, we think it would be better, if you heard it from our loyal customer base.

Dear GMA,

I contacted your office on a Friday afternoon to inquire about your services. I downloaded your submission form and shipped off my cards on Saturday morning. Included in my order was a 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle that my father left to me when he passed away. The card holds obviously a significant sentimental value. Frankly, I was nervous about sending the card as it has been in our family for years. The following Thursday I received a notice that my cards were ready for pickup at the post office.

I anxiously made my way down to pick up my order, and of course my 56 Mantle.

I was surprised and overwhelmed in the service I received from your company. Not only were my cards graded professionally, they were packed for safety, and my entire order cost was less than the shipping cost of some of the other companies I had contacted.

I will no doubt be sending you more cards, but I just wanted to say thank you for what you did, and how quickly you took care of my order. I will never use PSA or Beckett again.

Tony Saladino
New York, New York

Dear GMA,

You guys rock! I sent in 500 cards expecting that it would take several weeks to receive my order. Dude, I got my order back in four days! How do you do that? I’ve told all my friends about GMA Grading. The service and the cost combined to make GMA the best grading company I have ever dealt with.

Chad Casey
Bloomington, Indiana

Dear GMA Grading,

I am a baseball card dealer. I have 2000 cards a month grated by grading companies. I have used PSA in the past and I have used Beckett. PSA charges me $35 per card, while Beckett charges $21 per card. So you can imagine I was quite surprised to see that GMA grading charges two dollars per card. I contacted your office and spoke with a customer service representative who assured me that the two-dollar per card price was accurate and he guaranteed my satisfaction. Yeah, okay I thought. I sent in 300 cards to test your grading service and your guarantee. I received my order literally for days after I sent it. All my cards were packaged properly and graded professionally. I also received a thank you letter with my order that indicated I could have cards graded in the future for a $2.00 a card, when I sent bulk orders. Here’s the best part, my customers have embraced the GMA label and are happy that I provide GMA graded cards for them to purchase. You have revolutionized not only the card grading industry, but my business as well. You can expect my 2000 cards a month to be shipped direct to GMA in the future. It is nice to deal with a company that cares about their customers as much as the folks at GMA. I cannot say enough about them. I’ll admit that I was paying $35 a card and $21 a card to the others in the past, but those days are long gone. Thanks for providing the kind of service you do.

Steve Mackey
Nashville, Tennessee

Dear GMA Grading,

I was skeptical at first that I could get my baseball cards graded for $ 3.00 per card. I had been using PSA at $35 a card for years. I decided that the savings was too great for me to pass and I sent a 50-card order, honestly as a test of your service.

I received my cards on time and they were packaged with the utmost care. There are many companies out there, including PSA and Beckett may give lip service to the term customer service. Yeah, right.

Not only was I overwhelmed with the customer service, but combined with the savings and grading fees, using GMA is a no-brainer. I’ll admit for years I was not the brightest crayon in the box, duh,  however, that’s all past now and I will be using GMA exclusively in the future.

Thanks, a former PSA customer

Brett Calley
Scottsdale, Arizona