Alshon Jeffery rookie cards may be some of the most undervalued cards in the hobby. The Bears receiver has shown he has the ability to become one the NFL’s most dominating players at his position. The Bears viewed Alshon as the wide receiver with the best hands and body control in the draft. “He’s strong. He’s tough,” GM Phil Emery says. “He doesn’t go down without a fight.” Opponents in the Southeastern Conference discovered as much when Jeffery was in South Carolina, where he took All-American accolades from two organizations in 2010. Jeffery is known for having secured some of the most amazing catches in college football the past three years.

Jeffery often makes the acrobatic catch look routine. He exhibits outstanding hand-eye coordination and body alshon-jeffery-rookie-cardscontrol. He often turns simple routes into big gainers with his open-field slipperiness. He has demonstrated that he is nearly impossible to cover one on one. Jeffery also has the ability to accelerate to top speed quickly. He is strong enough to bull his way through tackles after the catch. Alshon has teamed up with Brandon Marshall in Chicago to give Bears quarterback Jay Cutler two outstanding red zone weapons. He is sometimes compared to Calvin Johnson of the Lions and Jerry Rice of the 49ers.

So why are collectors missing the boat on the Bears young superstar? Well, some are starting to take notice. Recent online sales show that Alshon Jefferies rookie cards are now selling for 25%-40% more than they did just two months ago. Here are some of his best rookie cards that may be worth picking up before they become too expensive.

2012 Topps Chrome Alshon Jeffery Rookie #62

These cards have a great clean design and are very affordable. Many variations exist, including signed and numbered rookie cards as well as colored refractors. The colored refractors have become some of the most popular cards in the hobby. Base cards can be purchased in lots for as low as $1.00 per card.

2012 Topps Finest Alshon Jeffery Rookie Cards

These football cards are well designed and very affordable. We have seen the base cards sell for .50 in large lots. These cards are normally easy to find in Gem MT 10 condition. Autographed variations are selling for $25-$100 depending on how low their print run is.

2012 Prizm Rookie

The 2012 Alshon Jeffery Prizm rookie cards are some of his nicest cards. The metallic design makes the photo pop off the page. These cards are very affordable selling for under $2.00. Colored Prizm variations sell for premium prices.

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This is definitely one of Jefferies, best rookie cards. Ungraded cards are currently selling for $75-$100 depending on the condition they are in. These cards make great investments as they are some of the most popular cards in the hobby. Playoff Contenders autographed rookies have proven to be great investments in past years.

2012 Topps Platinum Alshon Jeffery

These are some of the nicest football cards released in 2012. Colored refractors are very popular with collectors. When it comes to condition, buyers should be aware that some of these cards have surface scratches which are hard to see in online auction images. These cards are great buys n the $1.50 – $2.00 range.

jefferies-rookieSome Other Great Choices

  1. 2012 SP Authentic Alshon Jeffery Autographed Jersey Rookie
  2. 2012 Rookies & Stars Autographed Jersey Rookie
  3. 2012 Topps Prime Rookies
  4. 2012 Prestige
  5. 2012 Topps Magic

Alshon has many other rookie cards produced in 2012. Almost all are quality investments at their current levels. His autographed rookie cards make the best investments if you can stomach the price. Game used jersey cards are also very popular and are normally limited in production.

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