Many people say that the 2014 NFL Draft pool maybe the best in in over a decade. Now that we know which players were picked and by what team, we can start to predict who will have the biggest impact. Who will start and who will have to wait a year or two to get a chance to play. Who has the best chance to succeed and who is destined to fail?

Blake Bortles (Jacksonville Jaguars) 

Bortles was the first quarterback drafted in the 2014 Draft. Bortles should have a chance to win the starting job for the Jaguars even though ownership has stated that they would prefer if he sits for a year to learn. The Jaguars used two of their picks to draft some quality targets for Bortles to throw to. This will help him play up to his potential when he does get his chance.

Bortles has some amazing attributes which make him one of the best quarterback prospects in recent years. He is a raw talent that needs work but has some amazing upside potential. He maybe the franchise quarterback the Jaguars have been praying for.

Teddy Bridgewater (Minnesota Vikings) 

Out of all the quarterbacks selected Teddy may have the best chance to play in week one. Bridgewater has an incredible supporting cast that will help him put up some great numbers if he can get a handle on the offense. Players like Adrian Peterson and Cordarrelle Patterson will help take much of the stress off of his shoulders and give me the playmakers that every quarterbacks needs to be great. Now would be a good time to start buying Teddy Bridgewater rookie cards.

Johnny Manziel (Cleveland Browns)

Johnny Manziel has a lot of lovers and haters. His rookie cards are already getting a lot of attention and selling for premium prices. Manziel is definitely talented but many ex-players don’t believe he will be a great NFL quarterback due to his unorthodox style. While the doubters voice their opinions others believe Manziel maybe the best quarterback in years to come out of the draft.

Some think his style is the future of the NFL. He is a quarterback that can throw on the run, run for extra needed yards on crucial 3rd downs, and the heart of a tiger. Only time will tell but Johnny Manziel rookie cards are a great buy if you think he will be the future quarterback in Cleveland.

Derek Carr (Oakland Raiders)

Many people believe that Derek will get a chance to start for the Oakland Raiders in the season opener. Carr has been gifted with a quick release and powerful throwing arm. Carr also had some help from his older brother who played in the NFL that may prove to be very valuable when it comes to preparation. Derek will have to work on his accuracy but he can make all the throws necessary to be an elite NFL quarterback.

You can expect Derek Carr rookie cards to be very inexpensive when they are released. His autographed rookie cards maybe very affordable once they hit the open market. Because he was a second round pick and didn’t get much of the attention as the other QB’s, his rookie cards maybe the most undervalued.

Jimmy Garoppolo ( New England Patriots)

Jimmy can throw the ball with the best of them. He has a quick release and cannon for an arm. The problem with Garoppolo will be if and when he gets a chance to play. With the great Tom Brady ahead of him Jimmy is unlikely to play this year and even next year unless Brady is injured. Even if Tom should go down the Patriots still have Ryan Mallett.

Jimmy Garoppolo rookie cards are good long term investments. Buyers should buy them cheap and maybe able to get his cards even cheaper once the season starts. He has all the skills needed to be an elite quarterback in the NFL but he will need a chance to prove it.

A.J. McCarron (Cincinnati Bengals)

McCarron rookie cards maybe the best football cards to buy from the players we have discussed. McCarron fell in the Draft and will be backing up Andy Dalton. So why are his cards worth picking up? Many scouts believe this is Dalton’s last chance to get the Bengals deep into the playoffs. He has faltered in big games and this is part of the reason the Bengals decided to draft McCarron. If McCarron gets his shot he will have a great supporting cast to work with. Players like A.J. Green and Giovani Bernard will only help make McCarron a better quarterback.
A.J. McCarron rookie cards can be bought at very reasonable prices including his autographed rookie cards and maybe worth stashing. He is a born leader and maybe the best QB of the bunch.

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