Tom Brady rookie cards are some of the most coveted football cards in the hobby.  The Michigan alum has made the most of his remarkable NFL career winning 5 Super Bowl Championships and 3 Super Bowl MVP awards.  He has been elected to 10 Pro Bowls and is in the top 5 in almost every top passing category.  Tom, has thrown 412 touchdown passes for more than 55,000 yards.  His career passer rating is 96.6, which is quite amazing when you consider he has over 7,400 attempts.  Tom, may one day break some of the NFL’s all-time passing records held by Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, and Dan Marino.  Brady continues to play like a Super Bowl Champion and is considered one of, if not the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

This is only part of the reason his rookie cards are so popular with collectors.  Tom was drafted in the 7th Round of the 2000 NFL Draft. His cards do not appear in most of the 2000 sets. His cards were passed over by many collectors and either destroyed or left in boxes. They are thus making his rookie cards much harder to find, especially in gem mint condition.

Tom has many favorite football cards, but his most valuable cards are his rookies.  Here is a list of some of his most significant rookie cards and what they are currently selling for.  We also discuss common flaws that are frequently found with each card to help our customers know what to look for before making a purchase.

Top Tom Brady Rookie Cards and Values

2000 SP Authentic #118 (1 of 1750)

The SP Authentic rookie is an excellent card with a not so excellent photo.  These rare rookie cards were each individually numbered to only 1750.  These are some of Brady’s rarest cards and also some his most expensive.  Graded Gem Mint 10 versions of these cards sell for over $3,000 online.

2000 SPX #130

Upper Deck included Tom in their popular SPX set.  These cards are all individually numbered to only 1350 cards.  Gem Mint 10 versions can sell for over $1,000.  This Tom Brady card is not for everyone, and those without deep pockets or large budgets should stay away.

2000 SPX Tom Brady Rookie

2000 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph #144

The Playoff rookie is possibly Brady’s best rookie card.  It is rare and sells for a lot of money.  An on-card autograph and low print run makes them a collectors dream.  These cards are almost impossible to find in gem mint 10 condition due to the blue corners that show even the smallest of nicks.  Normally, NM-MT versions sell for $1,500 while Mint 9 versions fetch $2,500 or more.  A Championship Ticket parallel, which only has 100 copies sell for $5,000 depending on the condition.

Tom Brady rookie ticket autograph

2000 Score Rookie Roll Call Autograph (1 of only 50)

The Score rookie is another incredible card produced by Score.  The photograph has Tom in his college uniform, dropping back to pass.  Only 50 of these cards exist, and the Patriots quarterback signed each.  Currently, these football cards are bringing top dollar selling for over $2,500.

2000 Press Pass #37

A great affordable card for any Tom Brady fan.  These cards are some of his most affordable selling for $5-$10.  The cards are not rare and even though they don’t typically grade well.  Autographed variations do exist and sell for over $350.  A reflector parallel numbered to only 500 is another great card that fetches over $100 ungraded.

Tom Brady Press Pass Rookie

2000 Pacific Tom Brady #403

These Tom Brady rookies sell for about $15 ungraded.  These cards normally do not grade very well as they easily chip and fray along the edges. Pacific did include an autographed parallel card which sells for over $2500.  A Gold stamped parallel card also exists and is numbered to only 199.

2000 Pacific Aurora #84

A quality rookie card that is not rare but still valuable.  These cards are great for those buying on a fixed budget. They sell for around $20 ungraded.

2000 Bowman #236

These mid-tier Tom Brady rookie cards sell well online.   They fetch $40-$60 depending on their condition.  Buyers should pay close attention to the corners and centering of these cards before they make a purchase.  These cards normally don’t grade that well, and this is why Gem Mint 10 versions sell for over $300.

2000 Bowman Chrome #236

These Tom Brady rookies are some of the most popular.  They normally grade very well if you can find a centered copy.  These football cards are much harder to find than the base Bowman cards and sell for about twice as much.  Mint 9 versions typically bring $150 or more online.

2000 Bowman Chrome Tom Brady rookie

2000 Ultra #234

The Fleer Ultra Tom Brady rookie cards are beautiful cards with a ton of upside.  They are affordable rookies that normally grade well. The Gold Medallion, die-cut, parallel is a popular card with collectors and sell for about $100 in mint 9 conditions.  Buyers should pay attention to the back of these cards as nicked corners are quite common.

2000 Crown Royale #2

The 2000 Crown Royale rookie is a cool looking card showing Tom in his Michigan Wolverines uniform.  These cards sell, but no easy to find.  They are not individually numbered but still not that easy to find in premium condition.  NM-MT cards, which are typical grades, sell for around $20-$25.

2000 Skybox Impact #27

Skybox did a smart thing including Tom Brady in their 2000 Impact set.  The card sells well for around $25 ungraded and normally sells for double that amount when graded in mint 9 conditions.  These Tom Brady rookie cards normally don’t grade that well due to poor, thin, card stock, and colored borderless corners.  The corners seem to show even the smallest of nicks.

2000 Fleer Tradition #352

The Fleer Tradition is another interesting rookie of Brady.  These cards normally come well centered but don’t always grade well because of the poor card stock quality.  Buyers will have no problem finding these cards online selling or $15.  They are not that scarce but do sell quickly.

2000 Skybox Dominion #234

His Skybox rookie is one of Tom’s most affordable cards.  They normally grade very well because of the white border that surrounds the card.  The photo includes another prospect from 2000 that didn’t pan out, Giovanni Carmazzi.  Currently, you can buy the cards on eBay for $20-$25 ungraded.  Gem Mint 10 versions sell for $100 or more.

2000 Leaf Quantum

These cards are hugely undervalued.  They sell for only $25 and are virtually impossible to find in mint or better condition.  I won’t say that they are the rarest of cards, but they were also not mass produced like some of the other cards on our list.

2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond #126

An incredible looking Tom Brady rookie at an affordable price.  They sell quickly for $25 and grade very well.  These cards are rare, but still not easy to find because they are in such high demand.

2000 Elite #183

Donruss included Brady in their 2000 Elite set.  The football card was produced before Brady signed with the New England Patriots.  These cards sell for $100 ungraded and $250 in gem mint 10 conditions.

Even though many of Tom Brady’s rookie cards are remarkably expensive, they still may have room to rise.  He doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and the Patriots and Bill Belichick continue to add weapons to help Tom succeed.  They seem to have found the secret sauce that most NFL teams can’t figure out.

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