Brett Favre rookie cards have been some of the most popular football cards in the past two decades.  These cards have held their values even though Favre has changed teams twice since leaving the Green Bay Packers.  Many people believe that Brett Brett Favre Rookie Cardwill play another season and his rookie cards will continue to stay popular with collectors.  Here are some of the best Brett Favre rookie cards to date with some current values and things to look for when it comes to condition.

Brett Favre Rookie Cards Value

So what is my Brett Favre rookie card worth?  This is the most common question we receive and has it has a  complex answer.  Brett Favre has many different rookie cards that were printed in 1991.  Some of them are more valuable than others.  To find out what each is worth you can use the free GMA grading online price guide.  Just type in the year, brand, and the card number of your Brett Favre rookie card.  Once you have done this the results will help guide you.  You will see up-to-the-minute information on your Fabre rookie and what collectors are willing to sell them for.  You will also see people asking different prices.  This is because not all Brett Favre rookie cards are in the same condition.

The condition is the next key element when determining the cards value.   Knowing the condition of your 1991 Brett Favre rookie card is a must if you really want to find out what it’s worth.

Brett Favre College Rookie Cards

Brett Favre college rookie cards are some of his most popular cards.  He went to college at Mississippi State before he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons.    His 1991 Star Picks, Stadium Club, and Pro Set cards all have Brett in his college uniform.  These cards are super popular collectors.

1991 Stadium Club 

This is one of the most popular Brett Favre rookie cards to date.  These cards were not mass produced like many of the other Favre RC’s.  They have also held their value and slowly increased in price over the past few years.  You can currently buy these cards online for about $40 ungraded.  Expect to pay about $150-$200 graded in Gem MT 10 condition.

1991 Star Pics Autograph Rookie

These Brett Favre autograph rookie cards were very limited in production.  They sell for about $400 ungraded in mint condition.  There have not been too many of these cards graded in Gem MT condition so it is harder to determine the value of these great cards.  This might be Favre’s best rookie card in the future due to its limited print run.

1991 Upper Deck 

This is one of the more popular Favre football cards as they are some of the most affordable first years cards that he has.  You can normally buy these cards for about $3-$5 on eBay.  Make sure you look for centered cards as that is a common flaw with many of these football cards due to bad printing by Upper Deck.

1991 Wild Card 1000 Stripe

There are rumored to be only 10 of these rookie cards to have ever been produced.  I would not bet on those numbers but I would agree that these cards are very hard to find due to a limited print run.  These cards are also very hard to find in good condition due to the black borders that exist.  These borders accentuate flaws in corners and display chipping on many of the borders.  Expect to pay close to $1000 for this rare rookie card.  This is also the most expensive Brett Favre rookie card to exist.

1991 Ultra Update 

These Favre cards are very affordable selling for around $5-$7.  If he gets hot these cards normally pick up a lot of steam as they are not as common to find like the 1991 Upper Deck rookie.

Collecting Brett Favre Autographs

Cards are not the only Favre collectibles that are worth buying.  Brett Favre autographs are also worth a pretty penny.  Some autographed Brett Favre collectibles sell for over $1,000.  Autographed Brett Favre footballs normally sell the best at around $400.  8×10 autographs are also popular with fans.  Brett also has a few signed cards that were randomly inserted into packs of cards.  These unique Brett Favre football cards are limited in production and sell for hundreds of dollar if they are found in premium condition.

If you are a Brett Favre fan or football card collector almost every Brett Favre rookie card is worth owning.  He has shattered almost every quarterback record and continues to play in the NFL at a high level.  Expect Brett Favre rookie cards to continue to go up in value in the upcoming years.

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