The 49ers and Ravens have advanced to the Super Bowl XLVII.  Collectors as well as investors should be getting prepared to purchase some this year’s key rookie cards that may bring nice returns on investments.  The Super Bowl hype creates a hobby stir which helps those who own some of the key players that will be playing on Super Bowl Sunday.   This is a great time to break down each team’s best players and which rookie cards maybe affected with the big game only two weeks away.


San Francisco 49ers Key Players and Rookie Cards for Super Bowl XLVII

Colin Kaepernick– Colin Kaepernick rookie cards will be getting some of the most attention from collectors in the next two weeks. The 49ers young rookie has been getting a lot of attention from the media which has greatly increased the demand of his 2011 rookie cards.  If Colin can win the big game you can expect his rookies to double in value.

Frank Gore– Frank is one of the 49ers key offensive players and has been an All=pro caliber running back in his 8 years in the league.  Buyers can search for 2005 Frank Gore rookie cards and find them at reasonably low prices.

Michael Crabtree– since Colin Karpenick took over the starting role for the 49ers; Michael Crabtree has turned into his favorite target.  Some of Michael’s best 2009 rookie cards are autographed and still very affordable.  Buyers can expect Crabtree’s rookie cards to be in high demand with the Super Bowl only two weeks away.

Patrick Willis– Patrick is the leader of the 49ers defense.  He has been the rock in the middle of 49ers Super Bowl run.  It is a little ironic that he will be squaring off against his role model Ray Lewis.  Some of the key Patrick Willis rookie cards can be found in almost all of the 2007 Football Sets.  Some of the best Patrick Willis cards will be is signed rookies which can be purchased in the time being for very reasonable prices.

Randy Moss– Randy is not the player that he used to be but he is still a shoe in to be a first ballot Hall of Famer.  You can expect Randy Moss rookie cards to get a lot of attention and if he can pull of a great Super Bowl performance the sky is the limit.  There are a large variety of Randy Moss 1998 rookie cards worth buying which range in prices from a few thousand dollars to $10-$15.

Jim Harbaugh– That’s right, the 49ers head coach has rookie card that will be getting a lot of attention in the next few week.  Harbaugh’s 1989 Topps Traded rookie is very affordable and maybe in high demand if the 49ers can beat Baltimore.  Harbaugh also gets a lot of publicity which will also help his rookie card value in years to come.

Baltimore Ravens Key rookie Cards to Watch for Super Bowl XLVII

Ray Lewis– Ray Lewis has been the spark that lit the flame for the Ravens 2013 playoff run.  With his retirement announcement a few weeks ago the Ravens have played inspired football.  Only a few companies included Ray Lewis rookie cards in their 1996 products.  The lack of supply will help his key rookie cards increase in value more rapidly than of some of the other players mentioned.

Joe Flacco–  Flacco has played extremely well in this year’s playoffs. He led the Ravens to an amazing come from behind victory against the Denver Broncos and clearly outplayed Tom Brady in the AFC Championship game.  Flacco has a rocket arm and investors can expect his 2008 rookie cards to get a lot of attention in the weeks to come.  Some of the best Joe Flacco rookie cards are individually numbered and hand signed.  These football cards make great investments if found in top notch condition.

Ray Rice– Ray has always played a larger than life roll for the Ravens since he was drafted in 2008.  The Ravens running back has more than a few rookie cards produced in 2008 that are worth buying.  Most of his best rookie cards are still very affordable which make them great investments.  Ray has a great chance of having a breakout game which may have a dramatic effect on his rookies.

Ed Reed– The future Hall of Fame safety is has some of the most affordable rookie cards from all the players that we have listed.  Reed’s game play speaks for itself and his rookie cards have a great chance of finally getting the attention they deserve.  Buyers can find some of Ed Reed’s best rookie cards online in the $5-$10 range.  Buyers should pay close attention to the condition of these football cards before making any purchase as many are condition sensitive.

Anquan Boldin– Anquan has been one of the Ravens key go to receivers and will appear in his second Super Bowl.  Boldin was one of Kurt Warner’s key targets and how has given the Ravens and Joe Flacco a sure handed wide receiver who seems to always come down with the football.  Some of the best 2003 Anquan Boldin rookie cards can be purchased in the $5 rang.  Some of his autographed rookies sell for $50-$100 depending on the condition they are in and the limited prints runs.  All of his rookie cards make great investments at the right pricing levels.

Torrey Smith– Torrey Smith rookie cards have already gotten the attention of collectors as well as investors.  His 2011 rookie cards have been in high demand since he arrived in Baltimore in 2011.  The Ravens sure handed wide receiver has more than a few rookie cards worth buying.  Buyers will have a wide range of as Torrey has rookie cards that sell anywhere from $3 to as high as $500.

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