The 2013 NFL Draft has produced some emerging young talent that football card collectors should be keeping their eyes on.  As we reach the midpoint of the 2013 NFL season, some of these young stars have emerged as potential franchise players.  As a result, the teams they play for are eyeing playoff runs.  In essence, these players have some rookie cards that are in serious demand.  Buying some of these young stars rookie cards now may bring back big returns in the near future.  Here are the top 6 rookies of 2013.

Geno Smith 

Geno Smith rookie cards are getting some of the most attention from football card collectors.  Smith is getting the Geno-smith-rookie-cardattention he deserves by leading his Jets to a respectable 4-4 record.  In addition to his great start, Geno recently helped lead the Jets to an important victory over divisional rival, the New England Patriots.  Accordingly, Geno Smith rookie cards have become some of the hottest cards in the hobby.

Geovani Bernard

Geovani Bernard rookie cards may have the most upside of all the players we have listed.  Bernard has displayed Barry Sanders like moves and open field runs that resemble those of the great Adrian Peterson.  Accordingly, the Bengals have taken notice and given him more touches over the past few weeks.   As a result of his early success, football card collectors are showing great interest in many of Bernard’s best rookie cards.  In essence, you can expect Giovani Bernard rookie cards to get more and more valuable as he continues to play in 2013.

E.J. Manuel

EJ Manuel rookie cards started off very hot in 2013. His recent injury has caused his rookie cards stock to level off over the past few weeks.  When Manuel was healthy, he put up some impressive numbers with the Buffalo Bills. Many speculators feel he maybe the Bills franchise quarterback that they have been longing for.  All things considered, EJ Manuel rookie cards have a ton of upside and should be on every football card collector’s wish list.

Cordarrelle Patterson

Cordarrelle Patterson rookie cards are very reasonably priced.  Patterson has shown that he has what it takes to be a top NFL wide receiver.  Patterson has made some amazing splash plays in 2013, which include an electrifying 109-yard kick return against the Green bay Packers. As a result, he has speculators paying close attention to his more popular rookie cards. In short, Cordarrelle Patterson rookie cards should be paid close attention to.

Keenan Allen

Keenan Allen rookie cards are not getting the attention they deserve from collectors.  Allen has become a primary target for Philip Rivers in 2013. Allen has shown he can beat some of the best NFL cornerbacks off the ball. Patterson has all the big-play making ability that can make any mediocre quarterback look like a Hall of Famer. You can expect Keenan Allen rookie cards to get the attention they deserve as he continues to grow as an NFL receiver.