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Baseball cards have been around for over a century.  Pre-war cards can sell for thousands of dollars while modern day cards are becoming valuable collectibles.  The hobby has drastically changed over the years, but card manufacturers are still producing some amazing new products.  Companies like Topps, Panini, Upper Deck have become very innovative selling boxes and packs.  New limited edition cards and memorabilia cards are some of the nicest baseball cards that have ever been produced.  Autographed cards are now a common place in the hobby.  Typically, they are randomly inserted into packs of cards.

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Card grading has also changed the hobby.  Grading has made it much easier to buy and sell cards. It has created a new market giving collectors a way to rapidly find what they are looking for and make more informed decisions on the cards they are buying.

How does Baseball Card Grading Work?

Card grading is a great way to protect your sports cards while determining their current condition. Once the card is graded it becomes much easier to have appraised and normally easier to sell.  A number value is assigned to each card which coincides with the grade the card received.  This number is printed directly on the label and sealed into the holder with the card.

GMA charges only $8 per card for this service and encapsulation.  We are the most affordable baseball card company in the industry with the fastest turnaround times. You can download forms to submit your cards here.

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Advantages of Having your Baseball Cards Graded

There are three main reasons why our customers have their baseball cards graded.

  1. Helps protect and preserve the card.
  2. Makes it much easier to determine the value of the card
  3. Helps sell the card when the time is right

How Much are My Baseball Cards Worth?

Once a card has been graded it is much easier to determine what it is actually worth.  GMA Grading has a free baseball card price guide which scours the web and brings backs specific results of what the card is actually selling for in today’s market place.  The amount of searches is unlimited.

Where Can I Buy and Sell My Baseball Cards?

Most sports cards are bought and sold online.  Websites sites like Ebay and Amazon have become great market places to buy and sell cards.  Selling software and mobile apps have made it easy to sell baseball cards online.  Buying cards has become just as easy as most items can be found quickly with simple searches. Local card shops are also a great place to buy and sell cards.

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