Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards have been some of the most popular cards that have ever been produced.  The 1989 Upper Deck rookie was the number one card in the first set that Upper Deck ever produced.  Ken Griffey Jr. will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. He reached the 600 Home run ken-griffey-jr-rookie-cardmark and was never accused or involved in any steroid accusations. Even though Griffey played in the steroid era their has been no proof or evidence leading to his involvement with any foul play. So what are the best Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards to buy?  Here is a list of the best and most expensive Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards listed with up to date pricing.

1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card

This is one of the greatest baseball cards in the hobby.  This card is also one of the most frequently graded rookie cards in the industry.  These Griffey rookies are not scarce so we advise that if you intend to invest in one that you only purchase them in high grade condition.  You can find a Gem MT 10 version of this card on Ebay for about $100.  Beware of counterfeits of these cards as they are plentiful in the hobby.

1989 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card

Donruss produced a beautiful card of Ken Griffey Jr. in 1989.  The black borders make it a condition sensitive card which also had some major centering issues do to poor production issues.  These cards are very common as they were not limited in production.  The key is to find these cards in Mint 9 or better condition.  If you can buy high grade Donruss rookies at reasonable prices than your money is safe.  You can find these Ken Griffey Jr. baseball cards for about $7-$10 in Mint 9 condition and Gem MT 10’s for around $75 per card.

1987 Bellingham Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards

This is one of the most expensive Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards.  These cards were selling for more than $3000 in a peak market in the late 1990’s.  The card can now be purchased for about $300-$400 in Gem MT 10 condition.  a Great investment in a high grade.

Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the greatest outfielders to ever play the game of baseball.  He was not just a great hitter but also a great fielder.  Some of his rookie cards are worth buying while others are not do to over production as companies tried to capitalize on his immense popularity.  Make sure you stick to purchasing only high grade versions of his RC cards.