Seattle Mariners baseball cards are some of the most coveted items in the hobby.  The Mariners have a rich history which goes back for decades.  Some of the best Seattle Mariners baseball cards are those of players who have been inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.  Hall of Famer’s like, Harold Reynolds, Ken Griffey Jr., and Edgar Martinez, make collecting Mariners cards very profitable.  The Mariners of the past have a lot of competition with some of the more recent players like Ichiro and Felix Hernandez.  These young prospects have a lot of upside which gives Mariners fans something to watch and great cards to invest in.  There are many different ways of collecting Mariners baseball cards.

Seattle Mariners Baseball Cards Team Sets

Team sets have always been a great way for collectors to find the cards they are looking for.  Topps team sets are the most popular and can be purchased online or in retail stores.  Team sets give Mariners fans a chance to own all the regular issued cards of each Mariners player including new up and coming prospects.  Die hard collectors can purchase Mariners team sets year to year to make sure they own the whole series of Mariners players.  The sets can save collectors a lot of money and time finding all the Mariners cards they covet.

Autograph Seattle Mariners Baseball Cards

Mariner’s autograph cards have been popular for decades.  Harold Reynolds autograph cards and Ken Griffey Jr. are some of the most popular.  Autographs of Ichiro and Felix Hernandez have also drawn the attention of more recent Mariners fans.  The best place to find these signed items is online.  Auction sites like Ebay and Amazon offer collectors a wide variety of Seattle Mariners autograph cards.  Make sure that the signatures that you purchase are authentic as many of the autographs being sold in the hobby are counterfeit.

GMA Grading has compiled a list of some of the most popular Seattle Mariners baseball cards of all-time.  These articles can give Mariners collectors information on the value of their favorite player’s cards as well as rookie cards.  These articles also give in depth information on the best cards of a given player and how much they are currently selling for.