1. Mark Sanchez rookie cards are at the top of our list of having the most impact of any NFL rookie card in 2009.  Mark Will get a chance to win the starting role for the New York Jets and because his competition is far from good he has a good chance of being the New York Jets starting quarterback in 2009.  Mark Sanchez rookie cards will be featured in most sets that will be produced and will have many quality rookie cards from Upper Deck and Topps brands.

2. Matthew Stafford rookie cards are second on our list.  He will be the top starter for the Lions in 2009 and he has a lot of talent around him on offense.  With the likes of Kevin Smith and Calvin Johnson he has a few weapons that he will be able to go to.  With the Pettigrew draft pick Matt will have many opportunity to get the ball out of his hands and into the hands of some qualified playmakers.

3.  Jeremy Maclin rookie cards will be very popular with Eagles fans this year.  Donovan McNabb will be a happy camper with Maclin on the other end of his long passes.  He will be one of the many weapons that the Eagles will use in there new spread offense.  The Eagles also landed our #4 pick LeSean McCoy.  Maclin will be able to use his break away speed to get open and be a great target for Donovan McNabb.  Jeremy Maclin Rookie cards will be a great value if the Eagles and get back into the playoffs again.

4. LeSean McCoy was drafted in the second round by the Eagles after slipping from the mid 1st Round.  McCoy is a tough runner and is a great pass catcher out of the backfield.  He will one day be Brian Westbrook’s replacement in the Eagles backfield and should get some good touches this year.

5. Chris Beanie Wells rookie cards will be flying off of ebay.  He also dropped in the draft and ended up going to the Super Bowl Runner up Arizona Cardinals.  If the Cardinals can resign Anquan Boldin there offense will be stacked.  Almost every player on there offense will be a pick play threat which will open up gaping holes for the young Ohio State graduate.  Chris Wells rookie cards will be great investment items this year so make sure you pick some up.

These are the best football cards of this year.  Watch these rookies produce big numbers in the near future.

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