Dustin Pedroia Rookie cards are not easy to find.  The real questions is what his Pedroia best Rookie card and how much is it worth?  With Dustin Pedroia winning the AL MVP last year and being part of a great Red Sox team his rookie cards have been in great demand by collectors.  Pedroia fans have been buying these baseball cards like he was the next Derek Jeter rookie.  Dustin has a 2002 Upper Deck USA Rookie card which is his true RC.  You can find this card ungraded for about $15.00 on the open market.  If you find this card in Gem MT 10 condition it normally sells for in upwards  of $100.00.  This card was no mass produced as upper deck did not make a lot of the USA baseball cards in 2002.  If Dustin Pedroia can have another great year and his MVP run was not a fluke these cards are a definite pick up.  Make sure that you look on ebay and your local card shows to find some of the best Dustin Pedroia rookie cards at the best prices.

Finding the Value of Dustin Pedroia Rookie Cards

There are more than a few Dustin Pedroia rookie cards that have been produced by Topps and Upper Deck.  Some of these baseball cards are individually numbered.  In most cases numbered cards sell for much more than cards that are not.  Signed Dustin Pedroia rookie cards sell for even more money especially if they are in great condition.  One of the best ways to find the value of Dustin Pedroia rookie cards is by using the free online price guide that GMA offers to all customers.

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