Albert Pujols has been the center focus of the St. Louis Cardinals.  His autograph is not very hard to find, but, is very demanding to Major League Fans Worldwide. Albert Pujols autographs are some of the most coveted collectibles in the hobby.  The Cardinals 1st baseman may possibly be the greatest to ever play the game. The value of Albert Pujols autographsAlbert Pujols Autograph have continued to rise in value over the past few years.  He has the St. Louis Cardinals in the playoffs again and has a chance of taking them back to the World Series.  All of these intangibles help the value of Albert Pujols autographs and make many of his collectibles great investments. Albert Pujols rookie cards also make great collectibles.

Here is what you should be familiar with when you are buying an Albert Pujols Autographed Baseball

Albert Pujols signs the baseball in so many different ways; some baseballs are signed with his number which kind of looks like a plus sign and the numeral 5 for his number in the bottom part of the “S” in Pujols.  Sometimes he doesn’t use the “+5” in his signature.

There are many Albert Pujols signed  items found one on Ebay that was very interesting:  it was an Albert Pujols Autographed Baseball with his trademark “+5” interested signing.  Very Clear and precise, with no smudges in the signing, but, this one had a scripture on it.  I haven’t seen this before.  Albert Pujols wrote “John 3:16 2 Cor 5:17” on this MLB Baseball.  In researching Albert Pujols, religion is a key element and a major importance in the Pujols Family.  Unfortunately, his daughter has Down Syndrome.  Pujols and his wife devote countless hours to families with children that have Down Syndrome.  Many of the charitable organizations that Pujols works with, he donates time, money, and signs autographs.  With such a religious quote from the bible from Pujols on a MLB Baseball, suggests that he probably signed this ball during one of these charitable organizations or fund raising events.  The Baseball is listed on EBAY for $599.

I’ve noticed that when he is doing a professional signing, he uses the “+5” or, when he is interested or focused in the fan.  When he does not use the “+5”, he seems disinterested or just inclined to move through the fans to sign balls.  Here is what you should be familiar with when you are buying an Albert Pujols Autographed Baseball.

  • His signature is very clear when he’s interested in signing.  The letters are very clear and precise like he took his time.  Compare Baseballs to see the clarity of the Signature.  The best signature is the more valued Baseball.
  • Make sure the “+5” is in the signature.  If Pujols wrote the “+5”, the Baseball will be priced significantly higher.

Here’s what an Autographed Albert Pujols Baseball Goes For:

1) Rookie Albert Pujols Baseball from Topps Trading Company – Listed $800
2) 2001 Albert Pujols Baseball from Topps Trading Company – Listed $800
3) Rookie of the Year Baseball (JSA) valued nearly $700 on EBAY.

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