There are many baseball cards worth a lot of money but there are a few cards which we strongly believe are very undervalued and you may want to add to your collection. These cards are of players that are going to be in baseball Hall of Fame and you can pick up very cheap considering how great these guys are.

1992 Bowman Mariano Rivera Rookie Card- Rivera is probably the greatest closer to ever wear a baseball uniform.  He has led the New York Yankees to 5 World Series Championships and his cards do no get the fame they deserve.  With Derek Jeter rookie cards worth so much more due to his popularity amongst fans cards of Rivera and Posada are great values.  You can buy a Bowman Rivera rookie for around $15-$20.

1994 Bowman Jorge Posada Rookie Card- Jorge will go down as of the greatest hitting catchers of all-time.  He has bee an integral part of the Yankees success in the 90’s and there after.  If you are looking for a safe investment in a for sure Hall of Famer pick up a 1994 Bowman Jorge Posada Rookie.  You can find one for about $10-$12.

1991 Upper Deck Chipper Jones Rookie Card–  Chipper Jones has been a fan favorite amongst Atlanta Braves fans for decades. He has a shot at the hall of Fame and will always be a Braves fan favorite.  You can find his Upper Deck Rookie for about $3-$5.

1989 Upper Deck John Smoltz Rookie Card–  John Smoltz has been one of the greatest players to ever play baseball in our opinion.  He is the most under rated player when it comes to rookie cards as well.  John has been successful as a top starters as well as a premier closer.  He not only deserves to be in the Hall of Fame but needs to be considered as one of the best pitchers ever to play the game.  His 1989 Upper Deck Rookie is $3.

As some of the greats of the game over shadow some of the more laid back players that just put up consistent numbers a collector can find value if they look hard enough.  These are some of the best baseball cards that were produced in the 90’s and should be part of any baseball card collection.

Alan Karpuch

Owner of GMA Grading Inc. Over 20 years experience in the sports card industry.

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