There are many different sports collectibles that are very valuable.  Some of these items do not just include sports cards.  Autographs, Game Jerseys and even sports jewelry have become high demand items over the past few years.  Here are some great examples of recent purchases of some of the most unique sports collectibles in the hobby and how much money they were sold for.

Lawrence Taylor Super Bowl Ring– Lawrence Taylor, The NFL Hall of Fame linebacker, recently put his Super Bowl XXV ring up for auction.  Actor Charlie Sheen recently purchased the Super Bowl ring, for $230,000.  The unique piece of jewelry fetched much more than many collectors ever thought it would.  This shows you that die-hard collectors are willing to overpay for a chance to own a one of a kind item.

Heisman Trophy Ring– Here is another example of a one of a kind item that was sold for a decent amount of money.  Rashaan Salaam’s Heisman ring sold at auction for $8,140.  Auctioneers were hoping to get $15,000 for the Heisman ring, which was the reserve price.  Even though the ring did not reach the reserve, the ring was finally sold to the highest bidder.

O.J. Simpson Heisman Trophy- Simpson’s Heisman trophy was sold for over $230,000 at auction to help settle part of the $33.5 million civil judgment held against him.  This was the first-ever Heisman trophy that was ever auctioned off.

These are just a few examples of rare items that can be found in estate sales or auctions that are so unique buyers only have one chance to get their hands on them.  Frank Gesner, from, Gesner Estate Jewelry in Tampa, tells us that he finds many unique and specialty sports items at estate sales and auctions. Some of these items sell for a premium, as speculators are willing to pay high prices for some of these rare items.



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