Wes Welker rookie cards have always been popular with New England Patriots fans. Wes Welker is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Welker has made an unbelievable comeback from his torn ACL last year. He has become the wide receiver of choice for Tom Brady. The patriots must feel very confident and Wes Welker’s abilities if they traded Randy Moss Wes Welker Rookie Cardthis season. Wes Welker rookie cards are definitely some of the best and most affordable football cards this season.  These outstanding cards have become great investments.  There are many different Wes Welker rookie cards to choose from.  This can make collecting his RC cards a little confusing for collectors.  So what are the best Wes Welker rookie cards to buy?  Here is a detailed list of some of the most expensive Wes Welker rookie cards that have ever been produced.  Each card has a detailed evaluation about what to watch out for before making a purchase. We have also included important information about card condition factors that can greatly affect the value of a Wes Welker RC card. We have also included up to date pricing on what Wes Welker rookie cards are worth.  If you collect Wes Welker Football cards you are going to want to know which ones are worth buying.  Wes Welker RC cards can be outstanding investments as long as you know what you are buying.

Best Wes Welker Rookie Cards

2004 Playoff Contenders RC Ticket Wes Welker Rookie Card

These are some of the best Wes Welker rookie cards that have ever been produced. They are also some of the most expensive. These cards are very difficult to find in good condition because of the black borders that exist. It is almost impossible to find these cards Gem MT condition. You can purchase some of these cards online for around $45. If you happen to find one in mint or better condition you better pick it up. This card is a great investment in one of the NFL’s best wide receivers.

2004 Bowman Chrome Wes Welker Rookie Card

This is another great card of the speedy wide receiver. There are two different versions of the Bowman chrome rookie card that have become very popular with collectors. There is the regular base card which can be purchased for around $7-$10. The refractor is another outstanding card which can normally be purchased for around $25. Both of these cards are outstanding investments. Pay attention this centering on these cards as many were printed off-center.

2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Wes Welker Rookie Card

This were printed rookie card with individually numbered to only 1299 cards. This football card is extremely rare and very hard to find online. If you happen to find one expect to pay around $15 for it. This car is very affordable and has a lot of upside. Most of these cards were printed on quality paper stock which means most of them are in good condition.

2004 Leaf Rookies and Stars Wes Welker Rookie Card        

This is another outstanding version of an underrated rookie card. You can find these online for around five dollars. These cards are normally in good condition. Pay attention to the corners on these cards as some of them tend to be a little dinged up. These are some of the most affordable Wes Welker rookie cards out there.

Wes Welker rookie cards have a lot of upside.  Tom Brady rookie cards and Aaron Hernandez rookie cards are also worth taking a look at as the success of the New England Patriots will affect all of their football cards.  You may also want to consider purchasing in Wes Welker autograph cards or Wes Welker jersey cards as they too are great investments.  Make sure that before you buy any Wes Welker rookie cards that you pay very close attention to the condition that they are in.

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