A Tim Lincecum rookie card is one of the best investments that any card collector can make.  Tim Lincecum rookie cards are very affordable and many of his baseball cards can be purchased for much less than some of the lesser talented pitchers in the major leagues.  Here you can find some of the best Tim Lincecum rookie cards to date. Some of these cards that we have Tim Lincecum Rookie Cardlisted are the most expensive baseball cards that have been produced but also some of the more affordable one’s that almost anyone could afford. The value of Tim Lincecum rookie cards are also listed below.

2007 Bowman Chrome Tim Lincecum Rookie Card

This card sells for about $5 ungraded and $250-$25 graded.  A great card that has amazing investment potential. Make sure when you make a purchase you find one’s that are centered.

2007 Bowman Chrome Autograph Tim Lincecum Rookie Card

This Tim Lincecum rookie card sells for about $600 in Gem MT condition.  This is surely one of his most expensive cards to date and due to the autograph a memroabilia item not just a RC card.

2007 Topps Allen & Ginter’s Tim Lincecum Rookie Card

This amazing card was not mass produced like some of the other Lincecum baseball cards and has displays amazing artwork on the front of the card.  An affordable card and safe investment.

2007 Bowman Sterling Tim Lincecum Rookie Card

This is another great autographed Lincecum rookie card.  Card has amazing quality and is normally found it good condition due to its unique and strong card stock.

2007 Upper Deck Tim Lincecum Rookie Card

This is one of the more affordable Tim Lincecum rookie card.  You can purchase one for about $5.00 if you look hard enough.

Tim has a few other rookie cards that are not listed.  His 2007 Topps card is also popular and hard to find in good condition due to the black borders it was produced with. If Tim Lincecum can win another Cy Young award it would be his third consecutive one.  He will have some competition from Roy Halladay this season.  Much like Roy Halladay rookie cards Lincecum is finally getting the attention he deserves with collectors.  Now is the time to start buying these cards before it is too late.

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