The 2012 NFL Draft has some of the best young talent we have seen in a long time. Here are the Top 5 NFL rookie cards to watch for in the 2012 season.

1. Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck rookie cards are sure to be on top of everyone’s wish list in 2012.  The Colts will make Andrew a very rich man and they hope he will be the center of their rebuilding process.  The Colts resigned Reggie Wayne which will give Luck one of the top targets in the NFL to throw to.  Collectors can expect to pay a pretty penny for autographed Andrew Luck rookie cards as investors will be trying to get a hold of them early.

Some Andrew Luck rookie cards have already been released and many more are due out this month.  Press Pass autographs have been popular early selling for over $100.  You can expect the Topps, Upper Deck and Panini rookies to sell for even more money when they are live.

2. Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin rookie cards are the second on our list of top rookie cards to watch in 2012.  The Baylor quarterback has all the abilities needed to be a franchise quarterback.  Many people believe that RG3 is a better all-around quarterback than Andrew Luck.  Collectors have been buying Robert Griffin rookie cards early and often.  The Sage Hit RG3 rookies are selling very well online and autographed rookie cards have been hard to find.

You can expect collectors to spend a lot of money on Robert Griffin rookie cards in 2012.  The Redskins signed some quality receivers like Pierre Garcon to help make Robert Griffin’s transition to the NFL a good one.  All of these factors will impact how well Robert Griffin rookie cards sell in the upcoming 2012 season.

Trentrichardson13. Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson has not received the attention that he would be receiving if Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin were not in his draft class.  Many scouts believe that Trent is the top running back since Adrian Peterson.  These factors have all contributed to the demand of his rookie cards.  Most Trent Richardson rookie cards can be purchased for half of the price of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin rookie cards.

The Alabama tailback will have a lot of great rookie cards to buy this year.  You can expect companies like Topps and Panini to offer a wide variety of Trent Richardson rookie cards and autographs cards in their 2012 releases.  Buyers should pay close attention to what team drafts the young star running back as it will have a dramatic effect on what his football cards sell for in years to come.

justin-blackmon-14. Justin Blackmon

The Oklahoma State wide receiver will be a welcomed addition to any team look to improve their wide receiving corps. Justin Blackmon rookie cards are already getting the attention they deserve from investors as well as collectors.  He will be a big play threat which will add to the demand of his already popular football cards.

The value of Justin Blackmon rookie cards will increase if he is selected by a team that already has a franchise quarterback.  If he is taken by a playoff contender you will see the value of Justin Blackmon rookie cards spike quickly.

ryan-tannehill15. Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill rookie cards are currently not as popular as the players we have discussed on our list.  This in no way keeps him off our top 5 list.  The Texas A&M quarterback lacks the experience at the position that Robert Griffin and Andrew Luck poses.  This is no way means he lacks the talent.  Tannehill is a gifted quarterback that has the size and strength needed to be a franchise QB.  You can expect teams like the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns to consider drafting the Aggies prospect early in the 2012 draft.

Ryan Tannehill rookie cards should be on the radar of all football card collectors in 2012. His rookie cards will be much cheaper and easier to find the Luck and RG3 rookies. Price and availability can change dramatically if Tannehill produces early with his new NFL team.

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