Dez Bryant rookie cards will be the focus of many of the manufacturing companies this season.  Dez has a few good things going for him this season.  First Bryant joins an amazing team in the Dallas Cowboys.  Dez Bryant fell to the Dallas Cowboys in this years NFL draft.  His off the field problems scared off a few teams from selecting the young wide receiver earlier in the draft even though he was labeled the best at his position by most NFL scouts.  His amazing speed and strength Dez Bryant Rookie Cardwill add another weapon to the Cowboys already potent offense.  Another great thing that Bryant will be able to benefit from is his new quarterback.  Tony Romo is one of the best at his position and throws with amazing accuracy.  The Cowboys are surely one of the early favorites to be in the Super Bowl hunt.  Here are some of the best Dez Bryant rookie cards to date with some of their current values.

2010 Prestige Dez Bryant rookie cards

Prestige is one of the nicest looking football products of 2010.  These cards have a few different cards of Dez Bryant including autographed cards as well as numbered cards which are extremely limited.  Some of the numbered autographed Dez Bryant rookie cards individually numbered to 199 are currently selling online for $50.  The value of these cards will continue to go up as long as Bryant can live up to his potential.

2010 Donruss Elite Dez Bryant Rookie Cards

The Elite brand has also tried to capitalize on Bryant’s popularity by adding many different versions of his rookie cards.  Many of these cards are numbered and hand signed. Different colored versions of these cards were produced each having a smaller print run than the other.  Some of the shorter print cards, Numbered to 249 and autographed have sold for $85 online.

2010 Sage Hit Dez Bryant Rookie Card

These affordable football cards can be purchased for $1.00 for the regular issued card and $5.00 for the gold cards.  Sage included autographed Dez Bryant rookie cards in their set as well.   These cards can be purchased for about $35.00 whole the gold and numbered versions can be found for $65.

2010 Bowman Chrome Dez Bryant Rookie Card

These cards have not yet been released but Topps did release the checklist.  Some of the best cards to watch out for will be the refractors and autographed Bowman Chrome cards.  You will also want to keep your eye on the 1 of 1 Dez Bryant Superfractor as it will probably be his best card.  Expect to pay a few thousand dollars for this rare gem.

As Tony Romo rookie cards continue to rise expect Dez Bryant rookie cards to rise in value as well.  Even though Bryant has been compared to Randy Moss he will have to prove it on the football field.  Expect his football cards to be some of the most sought after cards this NFL season.  If you are going to invest in a Dez Bryant rookie card try to get your hands on a numbered autographed card from the companies that we discussed.

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