If you are looking for the best David Wright rookie card you actually have a few cards to choose from.  The young New York Mets third baseman has a few very valuable cards that are worth purchasing.  His consistent play has David Wright baseball card collectors evening almost every rookie card that is of value.  Some of the most expensive David Wright rookie David Wright Rookie Cardcards are the ones that have been autographed or hand signed by the young slugger.  Here is a detailed list of the some of the best David Wright rookie cards as well as their values.

2002 Bowman Chrome David Wright Rookie Card

This is one of of the more expensive David Wright rookie cards and surely the best card of his to date. There are a few versions of these cards including and autograph rookie card,  refractor rookie as well as an numbered Xfractor card.  Most of the autograph cards sell for about $250 to $300.  If you can find the card in Gem MT condition expect to pay in upwards of $500.

2002 Bowman David Wright Rookie Card

This card is a great buy and one of the more affordable David Wright rookie cards.  The thing to watch out for on these cards is there condition.  Many of these cards have bad corners right out of the packs due to the weaker paper stock.  A great rookie card to purchase and can be a valuable addition to any collection.

2002 Topps Pristine David Wright Rookie Card

This rookie card produced by Topps has a few variations like a numbered Gold card as well as a numbered refractor with only 1999 cards in production.  You can readily find these cards for about $65-$75.

2001 Upper Deck Prospects Premiere David Wright Rookie Card

The Upper Deck rookie card is actually David Wright’s first rookie card as it was produced in 2001.  You can find these cards for about $20 un graded.  Even though the production run was much larger than the other rookie cards discussed it is still one of the best David Wright rookie cards that you can buy.

Much like many of the Alex Rodriguez rookie cards almost all David Wright baseball cards are popular with not just Mets fans.  Almost all card collectors are searching for David Wright rookie cards to add to their collections.

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