Ryan Mathews rookie cards are some of the top new rookie cards that will be the focus of many football card collectors. The San Diego Chargers drafted Ryan Mathews to replace future Hall of Famer Ladainian Tomlinson. Ryan has amazing abilities and break away speed which makes it very possible that he will be in the running for this years rookie of the year award. Mathews will also benefit with the fact that he will be sharing carries with Darren Sproles. This will give him some time to learn the offense and take some of the pressure off the young running back. Another benefit that Ryan Mathews can take advantage of is his division rivals defensive schemes are all playing Cover 2 which are great defenses to run against. This can be a deciding factor in how many rushing yards he can put up in a game. He will also be running behind a great Chargers offensive line and a great young quarterback in Philip Rivers. Philip Rivers rookie cards will be directly affected by Mathews performance.

Here is a list of the Top 4 Ryan Mathews rookie cards including their current values and things to look for before making a purchase.

2010 Donruss Elite Ryan Mathews Autograph rookie card

Their are a few different versions of these autographed cards including different colored versions with each version numbered individually.  Some of the rares Elite rookie autographs are numbered to only 199.  You can find these cards on Ebay or other online auction sites for about $50 per card.

2010 Prestige Ryan Mathews Rookie Card autograph

Prestige released a few different versions of Ryan Mathews rookie cards that have been hand signed.  The regular issued cards are are selling for about $3-$5 while most of the autographed cards are in the $25-$35 range.  These amazing cards are very affordable and might be great investments depending on his play.

2010 Sage Hit Ryan Mathews Rookie Card

Sage is one of the first companies to release a Ryan Mathews rookie card in 2010.  These rookie cards are very affordable as you can find them for about .50 – $1 per card.  Sage has created a gold foil version which is much rarer than the regular edition card.  You can by these gold football cards for $3-$4.

2010 Score Ryan Mathews Autograph Rookie Card

Score has release a beautiful card of Ryan Mathews this season.  They are currently selling for $40-$45 much like the Donruss Elite rookie cards.  This cards have Ryan Mathews in his San Diego uniform which the Sage card does not.  A great card for a reasonable price.

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