Alex Smith rookie cards have become very popular this season.  The 49ers have had great success and now are only one win away from a Super Bowl appearance.  Alex Smith is one of the main reasons the 49ers have been so successful this year. He proved that he can win the big game this week by matching Drew Brees’s all-star performance with a spectacular one of his own.  Smith was superb in clutch situations when the Niner’s needed him the most.  Since the 49ers victory over the Saints Alex Smith rookie cards have been getting a lot of attention from investors as well as collectors.  Alex Smith rookie card prices have remained dormant for the past few years but have had a fantastic resurgence in 2011.  Smith has various rookie cards that are worth purchasing and speculators are trying to purchase whatever they can before prices hit astronomical levels. Here are 5 reasons that you may want to start purchasing Alex Smith RC cards yourself.

Current Prices are Very Reasonable

Currently Alex Smith football cards are very affordable.  This may not be the case for very long but buyers can purchase an Alex Smith rookie card for under $5.00.  Some of these affordable football cards include his 2005 Topps rookie, 2005 Upper Deck Rookie Premiere and his 2005 Bowman rookie.  All cards can be purchased for under $5 un-graded and make great investments if purchased in the right condition.

A Ton of Upside

With the addition of Jim Harbaugh, Alex Smith has had the best season of his mediocre career.  This is in part to a sound system that takes advantage of Smith’s abilities and helps him flourish in the 49ers balanced attack.  Alex seems to be making better decisions which are mainly due to his 6 years of NFL experience.  Quarterbacks like Drew Brees have proven that they can be flourishing if they are placed in the right offensive scheme.  It seems like Alex Smith has found his place with the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh.

The 49ers Defense

The secret is out of the bags when it comes to the 49ers defense.  This aggressive young bunch has a ton of talent and knows how to rush the passer and create turnovers.  They have done an incredible job making big plays and giving Alex Smith plenty of opportunities to capitalize. History has proven that a great defense can help a quarterback put up some amazing numbers and most importantly win games.

Alex Smith Rookie Cards are Very Undervalued

If Alex Smith can get the 49ers to Super Bowl and pull off a big win than you can expect his cards to double if not triple in value.  Autographed Alex Smith cards have already seen a 35% increase in value over the past few weeks.  Even if the 49ers don’t get to the Super Bowl many believe his promising career will make the Niner’s contenders for years to come.

These are just a few reasons that collectors have started purchasing Alex Smith rookies.  Buyers should make sure to purchase Alex Smith football cards that are in mint condition or better to secure their investment dollars.

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