Sidney Crosby rookie cards are the most popular hockey cards in the hobby. Sidney led the Penguins to another Stanley cup championship this season.  Crosby has a huge fan base which helps his rookie cards immensely.  The Penguins are one of the most popular teams in the NHL which also helps Sidney Crosby rookie cards value.  He is often compared to the great Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky. So what are the best Sidney Crosby rookie cards to buy?  Here are our picks for his most valuable and reasonably priced hockey cards.

Best Sidney Crosby Rookie Cards to Own

2005 SP Authentic Sidney Crosby Rookie

This amazing Sidney Crosby rookie card sells for about $1500 in Gem MT 10 condition.  These autographed Crosby cards are rare and were limited to only 999 cards. Their is another version that was produced by Upper Deck in the SP set which comes with a unique piece of a Crosby hockey jersey.  This memorabilia card sells for $1000.

2005 SPX Sidney Crosby Rookie Autograph

This card is extremely rare, numbered to only 499.  This is one of the harder Sidney Crosby rookie cards to find in good condition.  All of these cards have been signed and numbered.  A great investment if you can afford it.  Theses cards sell very well at $500, but have been known to fetch as much as $650.

2005 Upper Deck Victory

A clean looking card that is not as expensive as some of Crosby’s other cards.  The colored borders on these cards can sometimes be an issue as they accentuate every flaw.  The Sidney Crosby hockey cards may not always grade well but they are much more affordable and fun to collect.

2005 Upper Deck #201

This card is a fan favorite.  Collectors find this card affordable which makes it one of the most heavily traded cards Crosby has.  These iincredible cards sell for around $150-$200 depending on their condition.

2005 Parkhurst Sidney Crosby Rookie Card

This awesome card has a retro look and feel reminding many of Parkhurst cards of the past.  These Sidney Crosby rookie cards are some of his most affordable selling for around $45 in gem mint 10 condition.  These cards normally grade very well so finding pristine looking cards is  non-issue.

2005 Upper Deck Power Play Sidney Crosby RC

These high gloss cards are also very popular with collectors.  They have a unique foil look and are reasonably priced compared to some of the other cards we have already featured.  These Sidney Crosby rookies sell for around $50 in gem mint 10 condition while mint 9’s fetch around $10.

2005 Upper Deck Rookie Class

These Sidney Crosby hockey cards sell for about $20 ungraded.  Gem mint 10 versions sell for around triple, but are much harder to get your hands on.  Nicked corners are common, but these cards are almost always perfectly centered and grade very well.

2005 Upper Deck Phenomenal Beginnings Sidney Crosby Set

Upper Deck made sure to capitalize on Sidney’s massive popularity and created a set just for him.  They banked on his fan base hoping to selling thousands of sets, which they did.  Buyers can purchase these factory sets for about $15-$25.  These cards typically grade well, but are not scarce to say the least.

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