Josh Freeman rookie cards are becoming very popular with Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. Many scouts believe that Josh Freeman has a chance to be the Buccaneers franchise quarterback of the future. The 22-year-old has displayed amazing accuracy and footwork at his position. Many collectors have overlooked many of Josh Freeman’s best rookie cards. These cards are very undervalued and are great football cards to add to anyone’s collection. It is still early to tell how good Josh Josh Freeman Rookie CardFreeman will be as a starting quarterback in the NFL. With that being said, he has all the physical attributes and mental capability to become the franchise quarterback that the Buccaneers have been lacking for over a decade. Currently, you can buy some of the best Josh Freeman rookie cards at amazingly low prices. The value of these football cards are sure to increase as long as the Bucs continue to improve. With the additions of Gerald McCoy and Mike Williams we believe the Buccaneers are one of the best young football teams in the NFL. During the 2010 draft the Buccaneers added some needed weapons to help Josh Freeman excel. They added to rookie wide receivers, Mike Williams and rookie wide out Arrelious Benn. Both of these young talents could be the wide receivers of the future. They will also be great complements to Pro bowl tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. All of these key additions make Josh Freeman rookie cards potentially great investments. Here are some of the best Josh Freeman rookie football cards that are worth buying.

2009 Topps Rookie Premiere Josh Freeman Rookie Card Autograph

Almost any rookie card of any young talent is a great investment. There are a few different variations to these football cards. The variations depend on the color of ink that Josh Freeman used to sign his name with. The red ink versions are extremely rare and can be purchased on eBay for around $200. The blue ink versions can be found for about $125 to $150. Both of these cards are extremely rare and have great potential.

2009 SP Authentic  Josh Freeman Rookie Card

This is another great rookie card of the young superstar. Most of these cards have been individually numbered to only 99. The super patch cards have all been autographed and come with a unique game used jersey that has been worn by Josh Freeman. These Josh Freeman football cards are available online for around $125. They are beautiful cards with a lot of upside.

2009 Bowman Chrome Josh Freeman Rookie Card

What’s amazing about the 2009 Bowman chrome cards is that there are so many different variations that exist. All of the variations are numbered and many of them are extremely rare. The red variation of the Josh Freeman rookie card has a limited print run of only five. These cards are almost impossible to find. Other variations include refractors, X-fractors, and various colored variations that are each numbered differently. All of these Josh Freeman rookie cards are great investments. If you stick to a limited edition and individually numbered cards you are sure to reap the rewards if the player plays well.

The Buccaneers future success will surely write on the shoulders of young Josh Freeman. If you are looking for a potential superstar to invest your money in you should consider Josh Freeman at the top of your list. We believe that Josh Freeman rookie cards have unlimited potential as he has proven to be a team leader and a gifted quarterback.

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