Ivan Nova rookie cards have quickly become some of the most popular baseball cards in the hobby.  The New York Yankees young pitching prospect has collectors looking for all variations of his many rookie cards.  Some of the best Ivan Nova rookie cards are very affordable but may not stay that way as the demand continues to ivan-nova-rookie-cardincrease.  Topps has produced a variety of Nova baseball cards that are individually numbered and some that have been personally signed.  Autographed Ivan Nova rookie cards have been the most popular with collectors and bring a premium compared to some of the other numbered variations that exist.  Here is a list of some of the best Ivan Nova RC cards and what they are currently worth.

2008 Bowman Chrome Ivan Nova Rookie Card

The 2008 Bowman Chrome set produced by Topps, has many different Ivan Nova rookie card variations.  Some of the variations included colored refractors, individually signed cards, and limited edition sequentially numbered cards. The base card is currently selling for around $4-$5 while the numbered Xfractor rookie sells for more than $200.   Colored refractors are also very popular with collectors selling from $50 to up to $250 depending on the color and print run produced of each card.

2010 Topps Chrome Ivan Nova Rookie Card

This is another great card produced by Topps.  The various colored refractors also exist in this set and have become quite popular and valuable.  You can purchase the base cards in the set for $4 on Ebay, while some of the colored autographed refractors are selling for around $150.  This is pretty amazing when you consider that Nova only has played a few major league games.  Pay close attention to the centering of these baseball cards as many were cut poorly during production.

2010 Bowman Chrome Ivan Nova Rookie Card

This is another great card that is very affordable.  You can buy these rookie cards online for around $3.  These black border cards tend to have some centering issues much like the 2010 Topps Chrome cards.  The card stock is high quality so in most cases they have very sharp corners.  Refractors and Xfractors are also very popular in the 2010 Bowman Chrome set.

Ivan Nova cards are quickly becoming more and more expensive as collectors continue to see the potential in the Yankees pitching prospect.  If he can pitch well in the majors you can bet his rookie cards will dramatically increase in value.  Be careful not to overpay for any of his rookie cards until he solidifies himself in the majors.

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