cliff-lee-rookie-cardCliff Lee rookie cards are starting to get the attention that they deserve. He is become a big game pitcher that can be counted on in the playoffs. Cliff Lee helped the Phillies get to the World Series and now he is on the verge of another possible one with the Texas Rangers. There are many different Cliff Lee rookie cards that are worth buying. There are only a select few that we believe have the potential to be great baseball cards. Lee is still very young and the potential of his rookie cards are unlimited. His baseball cards are still very affordable and great buys. Here are the top three Cliff Lee rookie cards that we believe you should consider buying. Some of these cards are the most expensive Cliff Lee rookies that had ever been produced. Some of the other cards that we have listed are just affordable rookie cards that are worth buying.

2002 SP authentic Cliff Lee rookie card

This may be the best Cliff Lee rookie card that exists. All of these cards had been individually numbered to only 1999. The quality of the paper stock that was used by upper deck with her SP authentic set was quite good. Most of these cards are normally in good condition. Currently gem mint 10 versions are selling for around $150 on eBay. These Cliff Lee baseball cards are great investments and can potentially double in value in the near future.

2003 Bowman Chrome Cliff Lee rookie card

The 2003 Bowman chrome set is very popular with collectors. There are many different Cliff Lee rookie cards that exist in this set. The Cliff Lee Gold refractor rookie card is one of his scarcest cards to date. There is also an X-Fractor rookie card that is extremely scarce. The base card into 2003 Bowman chrome set is not very expensive. You can find mint or better versions of these Cliff Lee rookies for around five dollars.

2002 Donruss Cliff Lee rookie card

These rookie cards are very hard to find. The 2002 Donruss set was not that popular with collectors which means that many of them are still in packs. These cards are not easy to find in great condition because of their card stock. You can find these Cliff Lee rookie cards on eBay for around $10 ungraded.

Cliff Lee rookie cards are becoming popular with collectors as well as investors. The Texas Rangers have one of the youngest and most powerful teams in the major leagues. Nelson Cruz rookie cards and Josh Hamilton rookie cards are also getting the attention of collectors.  Cliff Lee may be the ace that they have been looking for to go along with some of their other young pitchers. Cliff Lee autograph cards have also become popular investments and are also on the rise. If you are looking for a good player to invest in you want to consider purchasing a Cliff Lee rookie card.

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