Clay Buchholz rookie cards have a lot of upside.  The young and talented Red Sox starter is becoming one of the best major league pitchers in baseball.  If he pitches this year like he did last he maybe in the running for a Cy Young award.  The value of Clay Buchholz rookie cards will depend on the success he has this year.  If he can prove that last year was not a fluke collectors will start to take notice.  This will drive the prices up and make Clay Buchholz rookie cards worth there weight in gold.  The success of the Red Sox this year will also help Clay Buchholz rookie cards value.  The addition of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford will help all Red Sox pitchers get the run support they lacked last year.  if you are going to start buying Clay Buchholz baseball cards their is no better time then now.

Best Clay Buchholz Rookie Cards

2005 Bowman Draft #81 FY Clay Buchholz rookie card
2005 Bowman Chrome Draft #81 FY Clay Buchholz rookie card
2005 Bowman Sterling #CBU Clay Buchholz rookie card

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