Carl Crawford rookie cards are getting a lot of attention from collectors now that he is a free agent.  Teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and Angels are all rumored to be interested in the young super star.  If he signs with a large market team you can expect his rookie cards to skyrocket.  Carl Crawford rookie cards are very undervalued in today’s market.  These make Crawford rookie cards outstanding investments.  So what are the best Carl Crawford rookie cards to invest in?  Well here is a Carl Crawford Rookie Carddetailed list of some of his best baseball cards.  The list shows some of the most expensive Carl Crawford RC cards and also some of the most affordable cards to invest in.  We have also included their current values and what to watch out for when it comes to condition to make sure you get what you pay for.

Best Carl Crawford Rookie Cards to Buy

1999 Topps Traded Carl Crawford Rookie Card

These Carl Crawford cards are very inexpensive.  They are worth around $2-$3 in Mint condition.  They are not that easy to find in good condition do to some centering issues and colored borders.  The borders make bad corners very common with these rookie cards.  Autographed Carl Crawford Topps rookie cards were randomly inserted in the traded sets.  They are also great investments and are worth around $275.

1999 Bowman Chrome Carl Crawford rookie card

These are some other great Carl Crawford rookie cards that are worth buying at their current prices. You can pick these up for around $4 ungraded.  These cards normally have very sharp corners but have bad centering issues.  Before you purchase any of these cards  pay close attention to the centering from top to bottom and left to right.

1999 Topps Chrome Traded Carl Crawford rookie card

These are some of the more expensive Crawford rookie cards to buy.  The are pretty scarce compared to the other baseball cards we have discussed.  They were printed on quality paper stock so the corners are normally very sharp. Centering was a problem with many of these cards so pay close attention before making a purchase.   These Carl Crawford RC cards are currently selling for $5 on Ebay.

Carl Crawford had great success with the Rays.  His rookie cards have been a little overshadowed by Evan Longoria rookie cards but are soon to get the attention they deserve.  Expect Carl Crawford to get a lot of publicity in the near future when he signs his $100 million contract.  Carl Crawford rookie cards are great investments and their is no better time than now to start buying them.

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