Andre Johnson rookie cards are some of the most undervalued football cards in the hobby. Andre has proven to be one of the elite receivers in the NFL. Now that the Houston Texans are getting the attention of hobbyists and collectors we believe that Andre Johnson’s rookie cards will be on top of everyone’s wish list. Some of the best Andre Johnson rookie cards to date are Andre Johnson Rookie Cardautographed or hand signed. Many of them are individually numbered and come with a game used piece of Andre Johnson’s jersey. If you are looking for a quality card or cards to invest in you will surely want to consider purchasing an Andre Johnson rookie card. One of the many reasons that we believe that his cards will continue to rise is his new supporting cast. The Texans have done a wonderful job drafting quality players and adding to their already young and talented team. Matt Schaub has become one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL and new rookie running back Arian Foster leads the Texans ground attack. All of these factors open up bigger gaps for Andre Johnson to exploit. Defenses must pay attention to Andre Johnson’s supporting cast which will alleviate some of the pressure and double coverages he has seen in the past. Much like Matt Schaub rookie cards, we believe that Andre Johnson rookie cards will more than double in value in the 2010 season. Here is a list of the top three most undervalued Andre Johnson rookie cards. The value of these cards should increase in the next few months as the Texans continue to win games.

2003 Topps chrome Andre Johnson rookie card

This is one of the most popular Andre Johnson football cards that exist. Topps produced an amazing card which features a nice batch of young rookies. This has brought a lot of attention to the Topps chrome set. The Andre Johnson may end up being the best rookie card of this set. You can buy one of these football cards online for around $6-$8. There are a few different variations to these cards which include refractors. Some of the colored refractors that had been produced are extremely limited in production. The prices of these Andre Johnson cards vary from $25 to up to $500.

2003 SP Signature Andre Johnson Autograph Rookie Card

This is another amazing rookie card that includes on autograph of the young wide receiver. There are a few different variations to these cards which includes a black and blue signature. Some of these short printed color variations are more limited than others. All of these cards are quality investments which can be purchased for around $75 on eBay.

2003 Upper Deck SPX spectrum Andre Johnson Rookie Card

These are some of the rarest Andre Johnson RC cards that had ever been produced. Only 25 of these cards were made. All of these cards are individually numbered and come with a game used piece of Andre Johnson’s jersey. All of these cards have also been hand signed or autographed by Andre Johnson.

There are many other great rookie cards to collect of this young and talented superstar. As the year progresses we believe that Andre Johnson rookie cards as well as Matt Schaub rookie cards will be some of the greatest investments of the year.

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