This year has proven to be the year of early baseball call-ups. Some of this year’s early call-ups have already had an impact on their clubs performance. There are still a few top prospects in the minors that are sure to be called up in the days to come.
Baseball card collectors should be paying close attention to the performance of these young phenoms as one may become the next Mike Trout or Miguel Cabrera. Here is a list that we have compiled of the players we think have the best chance to become All-Stars in the years to come.

Gregory Polanco (Pittsburgh Pirates) – Polanco has had a great year in the minors. He has hit for average, power and displayed speed on the base paths. Polanco, is a swift fielding outfielder who can track down balls use his powerful arm to gun down runners. He is a true 5 tool player. Gregory was recently called up by the Pirates and is already making a big impact. In just a few games he is hitting .375 with 1 HR and 5 RBI’s. His most popular rookie cards are listed below.

  • 2012 Bowman Chrome
  • 2012 Bowman
  • 2012 Topps Heritage
  • 2013 Bowman Chrome
  • 2013 Bowman
  • 2013 Bowman Sterling
  • 2013 Bowman Platinum

Jonathan Singleton (Houston Astros) – Jon Singleton was drafted by the Phillies and then later traded to the Astros. This is important to know as his rookie cards show him in a Phillies uniform. Singleton has amazing power. He can hit with power to all fields and has displayed some of that power early on. Singleton has already hit 4 HR’s and driven in 10 runs with only 50 at bats under his belt. He will have to be more selective at the plate but has a ton of potential. He is surrounded by a lot of young talented players which also have a great effect on how he performs in the majors. Here are some of Singleton’s best rookie cards.

  • 2010 Bowman Platinum
  • 2010 Bowman Sterling
  • 2012 Bowman Chrome
  • 2012 Bowman Sterling


George Springer (Houston Astros) – Springer maybe the best of all the players we have listed. He is one of the most talented prospects we have ever seen in the minors. Spring has great power, speed and plate presence. He does have the tendency to strikeout a lot. If he can keep the SO’s to a minimum he maybe the next Mike Trout. Springer’s rookie cards are already very popular amongst collectors. His baseball cards are getting harder and harder to find at reasonable prices. Springer has already belted 12 homeruns and driven in 36 in fewer than 200 plate appearances. Here are few great rookie cards worth taking a look at.

  • 2010 Topps USA
  • 2010 Bowman Chrome
  • 2010 Bowman Platinum
  • 2011 Bowman Chrome
  • 2011 Bowman Sterling


These three young stars have a chance to become great major leaguers. With that being said, they can also become major league flops. The potential these young players have is evident in the numbers they have already put up in the minor league. This does not mean they will have an easy transition as they are called up. Time will tell which of these players will be the next Mike Trout or Willie Mays.

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