Here is a list of some of the best baseball prospects of 2011 and their most valuable rookie cards.  This rookie card hot list will be updated regularly to help our customers keep track of the hottest prospects in the major leagues.  In some cases we will have hot-baseball-rookie-cardsminor league prospects listed.  These prospects are expected to be called up in the upcoming baseball season.  Many of these young superstars may end up being the stars of the future, so it’s a good idea to keep track of which of their rookie cards may be worth buying.  Even though many of these players have just started to play in the majors they have rookie cards that have been produced over the past few years.  Many of the hottest rookie cards that we have listed have different variations that were produced in the same set.  To find out more in depth information about a particular player listed, click on the link of that player that is listed below.  Each player’s page will have in depth information about his best and hottest rookie cards.  Also included is up to date pricing and valuable information about condition issues that customers may want to watch out for before making a purchase.  GMA Grading will continue to update this information to keep our customers well informed about the hottest baseball prospects in the hobby.

Hot Baseball Rookie Cards of 2011

Mike Stanton rookie cards– The Florida Marlins prospect is one of only a few 5 tool players on our list.  He has amazing power and speed.  He will put up huge numbers this year if he can stay healthy.

Buster Posey rookie cards–  Posey was one of the Giants stars last season.  He was clearly a big help in their World Series run and should be a huge part of the success they have this year.

Bryce Harper rookie cards– The young Nationals prospect might not get to the majors this year.  His young and potential make his rookie cards some of the most coveted in the industry.

Jeremy Hellickson rookie cardsThe Rays pitching ace is right behind David Price in the rotation.  He has outstanding control and maybe the best young pitching prospect in the majors.

Stephen Strasburg rookie cards– Strasburg was on top of everyone’s hot list last year.  His injury keeps him out of the major leagues this year but now maybe a great time to start buying them at their current prices.  He still is one of the top prospects in the majors.

Jesus Montero rookie cards– The Yankees catcher has fans waiting for his call up in 2011.  Even though he has struggled a little with the glove there is little doubt of his hitting abilities.

Carlos Santana rookie cards– Much like Jesus Montero, Santana has become one of the elite catching prospects in the major leagues. He has amazing power and bat speed and should put up some amazing numbers this year.

Aroldis Champman Rookie Cards– There are not too many pitchers in the major leagues that can throw as hard as Chapman.  Reds scouts have clocked his fastball at over 104 MPH.  He is a big part of the Reds future.

Starlin Castro rookie cards– Castro is off to a great start so far in 2011.  He has a ton of upside and many believe his power numbers will only get better and better.

Domonic Brown rookie cards– The Phillies young outfielder has a lot of upside.  He can hit for power as well as average.  He will be in the majors this year and will hopefully have a big impact.

Kyle Drabek rookie cards– Drabek rookie cards are already to get a lot of attention from investors.  He has already had to quality starts in 2011 and many believe he is the best pitching prospect in the majors.

Ivan Nova rookie cards– Nova made the Yankees major league roster and they are hoping he can be their fifth starter.  He has all the intangibles to have great success in the majors.

Michael Pineda rookie cards– Pineda rookie cards have become very popular since he made his debut with the Mariners.  He is already off to a great start in 2011.  His cards may get hot very fast if he continues to pitch like he has.

Brain Matusz rookie cards– Matsuz had a very good rookie year and Orioles fans are hoping that this year he will have even a greater impact.  The Orioles have accumulated some of the best young arms in the majors and Matusz is at the top.

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