Doug Martin rookie cards are getting a lot of attention from football card investors as well as collectors.  The Buccaneers running back has already passed the 1,000 yard rushing mark for the season and still has 4 games to play.  Doug is making a serious run at the rookie of the year award.  He has some stiff competition he will be up against with players like Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck.  Many people say this is one of the best draft classes over the past decade.  Doug has all the tools and qualities that make him an elite running back in the NFL. The Bucs did a great job drafting him and he will be their featured back for years to come.  So what are the best Doug Martin rookie cards to buy?  Here is a detailed list of his top rookie cards to date and what they are currently selling for online.

2012 Topps Chrome 

This is one of Doug Martin’s best rookie cards of 2012.  Topps created many variations including shortdoug-martin-rookie prints which have become popular collectors’ items.  Colored refractors are also very popular especially the autographed low numbered versions.  Xfractors also make great investments.

Buyer Tip:  Buyers should pay close attention to the centering of these cards as they are the most common flaws when it comes to condition. Surface scratches are also important factors to consider when buying these great football cards.


  • 1984 Style
  • 1957 Retro Style
  • Tall Boy Variation
  •  Xfractors
  • Refactors
  • Colored Refractors
  • Autograph
  • Game Jersey or patch cards
  • Camo variation

2012 Topps Platinum

Topps did a great job including some of the nicest looking Doug Martin rookie cards in this popular set.  Xfractors, autogarphs and colored refractors make the 2012 Topps Platinum football cards a great option for Doug Martin collectors.  Base rookie cards of the Bucs running back are selling fir $3-$5 ungraded while Gem MT 10 versions are selling for over $25.

Buyer Tip:  Collector’s should pay close attention to the centering of these cards when buying them.

2012 Finest

The 2012 Finest Set has more than a few great Doug Martin rookie cards that are worth buying.  Some of the autographed jersey Martin rookie cards are the most popular.  All of these cards are individually numbered and are selling from anywhere from $200-$400 depending on the condition of the card.

Refractors and Signed refractors are also very popular with collectors.  Base cards make great investments at their current levels selling for $2 to $3.

Bowman2012 Bowman Doug Martin Rookie

The 2012 Bowman Doug Martin rookie cards made our list for a variety of reasons.  These are not the nicest martin rookie cards as the photos do not show him in his game day uniform.  These cards were produced on colored backgrounds which make them extremely hard to find in Gem MT 10 condition.  In the long run high grade cards from this set will make these very valuable.  Condition sensitive cards normally do very well when the dust settles from new card releases. Currently you can buy these Doug Martin rookie cards for around $3.

Buyer Tips:  Buyers should pay close attention to corners and edges of these cards.  Buyers should also be careful of cards that have been altered or colored.

2012 Score

The Score Doug Martin rookies are also nice football cards and are very affordable.  Popular variations include the short print variations and Glossy variations.  Both are not easy to find and make nice investments.  These great rookie cards can be purchased on Ebay for around $2 – $3.

Buyer Tip:  Collectors who purchase these cards must pay close attention to the corners of these cards.  Because these cards have white corners, nicks and bent corners can be hard to detect.


2012 Topps Prime

Topps added more than a few popular variations to the 2012 list of Doug Martin rookie cards they produced in 2012.  Most variations are individually numbered.  Currently you can buy these cards online for $3-$4 ungraded.  Low numbered variations are selling or around $15-$30 depending on the size of the print run.

Buyer Tip:  Topps did a great job with the production of the 2012 Topps Prime set.  With that being said buyers should pay close attention to the corners and edges before buying these cards.  Many of these cards come out damaged straight from packs.

2012 Leaf Draft

The 2012 Leaf  Doug Martin RC’s are not as popular as some of his more lavish rookie cards listed above but still make great investments at the right price.  Buyers can find these cards selling in lots for under $1.00.  Not bad for a great running back with a lot of upside. Blue colored variations are also getting the attention of buyers at the right price.

2012 Panini Rookies & Stars

These are some of the prettiest football cards produced by Panini in 2012.  Some of the many variations include autographed patch cards that are individually signed by Martin.  Multiple patch cards are also very popular with collectors.  Base, Doug Martin rookie cards from the set, is currently selling for $3-$5.

2012 Topps 

These great Doug Martin football cards look exactly like the chrome versions except for the fact that buyers can purchase them at more reasonable prices.  These cards are currently selling for $2 in lots and make them quality investments.  Much like the chrome versions, short print variations are great collectible as they are much more limited in production.

Buyer Tip:  Buyers should pay close attention to the corners on these cards as white borders can be very misleading.  Corners are often damaged and centering can also be a deciding factor when determining the condition of these rookie cards.

2012 Prestige

doug-martin-autoThe Doug Martin 2012 Prestige rookie cards are very nice cards and very affordable at their current levels.  Buyers can purchase these cards online for around $2.00 ungraded.  Panini included Doug in many of its subsets like the Passport rookies and Draft day Tickets.  Autographed Doug Martin Prestige rookie cards are selling for premium prices with some fetching a few hundred dollars.

With the 2012 football season coming to an end you can expect Doug Martin’s rookie cards to stay on top of many collectors wish list.  He is one of the most sought after running backs in this year’s tremendous rookie class.  If he can continue to excel we will be hearing about the value of his rookie cards in years to come.

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