In many cases knowing which cards to buy is half the battle.  GMA Grading has a compiled a list of some of the most common cards that are submitted by our customers for grading each month.  This Top 10 cards list can be used as a guide to help people keep track of market data and see what others are grading.  We will update this list in the future to keep our reader up to date with current market information.

Baseball Rookie Cards

Alex Rodriguez Rookie Card

Albert Pujols Rookie Card

Nolan Ryan Rookie Card

Mickey Mantle Rookie Card

Derek Jeter Rookie Card

Mark McGwire Rookie Card

Hall of Fame Baseball Cards

Nolan Ryan Baseball Cards

Ted Williams Baseball Card

Jackie Robinson Baseball Cards

Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards

Babe Ruth Baseball Cards

Bryce Harper Rookie Card

Best Football Cards

Barry Sanders Rookie Card

Peyton Manning Rookie Card

Tom Brady Rookie Card

Adrian Peterson Rookie Card

Matt Ryan Rookie Card

Joe Flacco Rookie Card

Tony Romo Rookie Card

Best Basketball Cards

Lebron James Rookie Card

Michael Jordan Rookie Card

Kobe Bryant Rookie Card

Best Hockey Cards

Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card

Mario Lemieux Rookie Card

Sidney Crosby Rookie Card

Best Golf Cards

Tiger Woods Rookie Card

Each specific player page will give you updated information on the players best rookie cards and what they are selling for.  Follow the the Top 10 cards links to find out what your favorite players cards are worth and why they may pro may not make great investments.  

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