Tom Seaver baseball cards are some of the most popular sports cards in the hobby.  Tom will always be remembered as one of the great pitchers in baseball history.  Seaver is known as being the ultimate big game pitchers and was a vital part of the Tom Seaver Rookie CardReds Big Machine in the early 70’s.  Some of the best Tom Seaver cards are very hard to find in good condition.  This is mainly due to age.  Some of the most expensive Tom Seaver cards are worth a lot of money even in average condition.

1967 Topps Tom Seaver Rookie Card

This is the ultimate Tom Seaver baseball card.  The Topps Tom Seaver rookie shows Tom in his Mets uniform with teammate Bill Denehy.  Cards in NM 7 condition sell for $500.  These same cards found in Mint condition can sell for more than $3000.  Not too many of these rare baseball cards exist in Mint condition.  Buyers should be careful when purchasing these baseball cards online.  Many of these cards have been trimmed or altered to make the cards look nicer than they really are.  Buyers should be very careful purchasing these baseball cards without seeing the cards in person.

Other Popular Tom Seaver Cards

Other than the Tom Seaver rookie, there are many others of his baseball cards that are quite valuable.  Some of these cards include the 1968 Topps, 1969 Topps and 1970 Topps cards.  Almost all of these cards have condition issues due to age.

Seaver Autographs

Tom Seaver autographs are very popular with collectors.  His autograph cards sell for $50-$200 depending on how rare they are.  Autograph baseballs are also very popular and sell for around $100 if they are real.  There are many fake Tom Seaver autographs being bought and sold in the hobby.  Buyers should make sure they only buy from reputable dealers or consider having GMA authenticate the autograph for them.

Buying Tom Seaver cards can be quite tricky if you do not know what to look for.  Counterfeit cards exist and buyers must be careful before making any large purchase.  Cards should be checked thoroughly and in many cases buyer should purchase cards from sellers that offer a money back guarantee.

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