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Tuff Stuff Magazine

Krause publications has a magazine called Tuff Stuff which is monthly based price guide. This guide includes prices for all the majors sports cards plus includes some prices for sports figurines and sports autographs. You can purchase the Tuff Stuff at your local card store, Subscribe through the internet at Krause Publications, Or you can go to your local Barnes and Nobles or Border Books Store. Tuff Stuff has many interesting articles and press release from the card manufactures and interesting stories about the hobby itself. If you are a sports card collector you will truly enjoy this magazine.

Beckett BGS

Beckett is one of the main price guides that collectors use. It is issued monthly and is normally sold by each individual sport. Another words you will have too buy 4 different priced guides for each individual sport. They gather their information for the pricing buy speaking to select dealers that they have chosen and looking at ebay’s ending auction. Beckett also has a new subscription called the Beckett card monthly that you can purchase which includes all the individual sports in one magazine. They have a wide variety of price Guides than can be beneficial to a collector who does not have access to ebay or the internet. You can purchase the beckett price guide at your local baseball card store, at or at your local Barnes and Nobles or Border Books Store.

Beckett also comes out with specialty Price Guides once a year called the Ultimate Rookie Card encyclopedia which details almost every baseball card ever made. They have the same publication released once a year for football card pricing. The problem with these publications are that they are very expensive and because they are only released once a year their prices are not up to date and can be very misleading on newer cards.

Sports Collectors Digest (SCD)

The Sports Collectors digest is another Price Guide released by Krause Publications. This price guide is used primarily for autographed merchandise and is used by the die-hard collector. This issue is shipped out weekly and has great articles and in depth stories of what is really going on in the baseball card industry. The magazine is full of dealers giving out different types of special pricing on autographs and other baseball card and football card bulk lots. This publication is great for the collector who is new too the industry and wants to understand a little how the card industry is run. Not much of a price guide but very informative.

Sports Card Market Report (SMR)

This publications is produced for graded cards. This guide will give you a ruff idea of what different graded baseball cards will sell for in different grades. Again this is only a guide and can be severely misunderstood based on the current market. Because it is back dated ebay is a much better source of what the going rate of graded cards are going for. ( ebay )

Ebay is not meant to be a price guide but is actually the most accurate and most affordable price guide that exists. ITS FREE ! It is also the one place were all the other sports card price guide publications go to get their prices from. It is updated every day instead of once a month. All you have to do is go to the search on ebay’s main page and type in the card you are looking for. If you are looking for a graded card just type in the grade of the card and name of the card you re looking for. It is really that easy. Did I mention that ITS FREE ! More than 98% of the sports cards bought and sold in the current market are bought and sold on ebay. Most card dealers go to shows, buy cards from collector;s and than run home and sell them on ebay. You have to learn ebay to make sure you know what the current prices are to make informed decisions. It dosnt matter whether you are buying rookie cards on ebay or selling rookie cards on ebay.

As of May 4th, 2007 has launched a sports collectibles and sports cards live price guide. Find prices on any sports card or collectible that’s actively being sold. They are offering the ability to find prices on any sports card or collectible that’s actively being sold on eBay, Naxcom, Beckett’s marketplace, and hundreds of other sites. Free and premium ($4.99 per month).

Real Time Price Guides

Their are many current companies trying to create a new market trend of real-time pricing on the internet. These web sites take all of ebay’s information and through some very intricate math calculations come up with the average prices of what different items have sold for. No company has developed a base strong enough to be a front runner but I believe soon enough one will emerge as a helpful solution too online on time prices.

GMA Grading

GMA Grading does not have a price guide because we believe it is a complete conflict of interest in the grading industry. We grade the cards as to what the cards deserve and we do not believe in the manipulation of prices for our benefit and too manipulate our customers. It just seems wrong to grade the cards and than create a price guide for what the cards are worth. GMA does have a section of the site which can be very helpful in searching ebay by showing you what the hottest rookie cards in the market are. The page is categorized into each individual team and too each individual player. You can see results by sport or player. Please feel free to browse.

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