Roger Maris baseball cards have always been popular with collectors. Maris has become one of the most loved baseball players who overcame great odds to be one of the baseball’s greatest players. Roger Maris baseball cards are outstanding collectibles if they are found in good condition. The 1958 Topps Roger Maris rookie card is one of the the most coveted Roger maris rookie cardbaseball cards in the hobby. Roger has many other baseball cards that are worth collecting. Topps and Upper Deck have included Roger Maris insert cards which have become very popular with fans as well as collectors. Some of these unique cards offer game used jersey swatches which are very hard to find. Most of the jersey cards are individually numbered. Autograph cuts have also been used to create other unique Roger Maris memorabilia cards. Many of these cards have been produced from signed paper or even signed checks used by Maris over his career. Yankee fans will always have a special place in their heart for the home run hitting slugger. Maris is also very popular among St. Louis Cardinal fans were he played for part of his career.

Value of Roger Maris Rookie Card

The key to determining the value of a Roger Maris baseball card is to first determine the condition the card is in. The better the condition the card is in the more the card is worth. GMA Grading has graded thousands of Roger Maris baseball cards over the years and has determined that high grade cards from the 60’s and 70’s are becoming more and more difficult to come buy. GMA has never graded a Gem MT 10 Roger Maris rookie due to the scarcity of these cards. The average grade that a Roger Maris rookie card receives is a EX-NM 6 grade. A EX-NM card sells for around $200 while NM 7 RC cards sell for more than double. This example shows how important the condition of a card can be when it comes to what it sells for online.

Buying and Sell Maris Cards

The best place to buy Roger Maris cards is online. Sites like Ebay and Amazon offer collectors a wide range of cards to choose from. They also provide a large array of options when it comes to the condition a particular card is in. Selling on Ebay can also be quite advantageous as most of the cards are being bought and sold online. Other than the National convention, sports card shows have become very inefficient when it comes to variety and pricing options.

Even though Roger Maris baseball cards don’t sell for as much as Mickey Mantle baseball cards or Babe Ruth cards they are still great investments.  Even though Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire have surpassed Maris’s HR record they have also been accused of cheating by taking performance enhancing drugs.  Many baseball fans believe that the Maris home run record is still the one worth breaking and that Bonds and McGwire should be removed from the record books. This is something that will be debated for years to come but the fact still remains that Roger Maris cards will always make great investments.

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