Robert Griffin rookie cards are going to be some of the hottest football cards of 2012.  Robert Griffin III will most likely be the second quarterback taken in the 2012 NFL draft.  The Baylor, Heisman Trophy winner, has all the intangibles that make up a top 5 draft pick. The NFL has been seen a conversion from the typical drop back passer to the new age quarterback that can press a defense by running and scrambling to buy time and extend robert-griffin-rookie carddrives.  NFL quarterbacks like Michael Vick and Tim Tebow have proven that running quarterbacks can be very successful and a nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators who have to game plan for them.  Griffin not only has all the scrambling and running skills but also a gun for an arm and pin point accuracy that rivals Andrew Luck’s from Stanford.  There are more than a few NFL teams that are in desperate need of a QB.  Some of these teams include the Cleveland Browns picking 5th, the Washington Redskins 6th and Miami Dolphins 8th.  All of these teams would be thrilled to draft the franchise quarterback and stake their teams future on Griffin’s back. These are just a few reasons why collectors are going taking notice.

Buying Robert Griffin Rookie Cards

Robert Griffin rookie cards are going to be highlighted in sets of 2012 Topps, Upper Deck and Panini.  Collectors can expect to pay dearly for some of these rookie cards especially autographed cards.  Buyers should pay close attention to the condition of these football cards before making any purchase. In the end the most valuable Robert Griffin rookie cards will be those found in the best condition.

Autographed RG3 Rookies

Signed rookie cards have always been popular collectibles.  Collectors seem to prefer numbered autographed rookie cards over hard to find inserts and parallel sets.  Signed rookie cards that are individually numbered normally sell for a premium over harder to find insert cards.  Collectors can get the best of both worlds by purchasing Griffin games used jersey cards that have also been signed by him.  Rookie refractors produced by Topps have also become very popular and sell for much more money if they are signed by the player.  Topps has done an incredible job featuring some of today’s top NFL rookies with variations of their popular refractors.  Some of the most popular refractors include colored variations that are individually numbered and signed.  Depending on what your budget is you should be able to purchase a Robert Griffin III rookie refractor for a reasonable price.

GMA Grading will include up to date pricing information once the cards start surfacing online.  Collectors should make sure that they pay close attention to one of this year’s top quarterback prospects.

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