Ricky Romero rookie cards are getting much attention with Blue Jays fans as well as many card collectors.  Romero poses amazing velocity and arm strength which make him one of the best young pitchers in the Jays organization and possibly the majors.  Romero rookie cards are getting much attention as they are very affordable investments and have a lot of upside if Ricky can continue to pitch like he has. Romero had a great start to last season until he died down in the second half of the season.  Romero has what it takes to be an elite starter in the majors if he can keep up his stamina.  Some of the best Ricky Romero rookie cards are very inexpensive and the value of these baseball cards should continue to rise.  Here is a list of some of the best Ricky Romero RC cards to date and how much they are currently valued.

2004 Upper Deck USA Ricky Romero rookie card

This is one of the more affordable Ricky Romero rookie cards that you can find.  You can pick up these affordable cards for about $2 per card.  You may want to buy a few of these as they are very affordable.

2005 Topps Chrome Update Ricky Romero Rookie Card

This Topps update card are limited in production as Topps did not produce a ton of these sets.  You can find some of these rookie cards for about $3.00.  There is a black bordered version which is much harder to find that the regular issued card.  These cards are still very affordable at $5 per card.

2005 Bowman Chrome Ricky Romero rookie card

There are many different variations that Bowman chrome produced of the Ricky Romero rookie card.  Some of these cards include autograph rookie cards, refractors, Xfractors, and colored refractors.  The autographed rookies have been some of the more popular Ricky Romero rookie cards with collectors.  These cards currently sell for about $40 ungraded.  Not a bad price for a signed rookie card of a possible superstar.

2005 Bowman Heritage Rick Romero rookie card– This signed rookie card is one of Romero’s nicest cards produced.  This card is very affordable and can be purchased for about $20-$25.

As collectors flock to purchase some of the best young arms in the majors like Tim Lincecum rookie cards and Stephen Strasburg rookie cards, Ricky Romero is starting to get their attention as well.  Romero rookie cards are much more affordable than his competing you aces and that in itself might be a great reason to pick up some of these great rookie cards.

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