Rajon Rondo rookie cards have become very popular collectibles and with basketball card collectors.  Rondo has various rookie cards that are worth a lot of money.  He has become the unsung hero on a team populated with superstars.  Some of the best Rajon Rondo rookies make outstanding investments.  rajon-rondo-rookieSome of his best cards are worth much more than others. Here is a list of some of the most popular Rajon Rondo rookie cards and with their current values.

2006 Topps Chrome Rajon Rondo Rookie Card

These are some of the most popular Rajon Rondo cards with collectors as well as investors.  Topps did a great job with the 2006 Chrome set.  There are a few different numbered variations that were included in the chrome set. Some of the variations include refractors, gold refractors and Xfractors.  Randomly inserted autograph cards were also inserted into packs of Topps Chrome basketball.  The gold refractor is numbered to only 25 and is signed by Rondo.  This card currently sold for over $1,000 on Ebay.  An Autographed Xfractor rookie card, numbered to only 10, recently sold for $1200.  The base cards are much more affordable selling for $15 ungraded.

2006 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card

The 2006 Bowman Chrome set has a few different variations of the Rajon Rondo RC card.  Hand signed rookie cards sell for $125 in Mint 9 condition.  Xfractors are numbered to 150 and are very affordable at $15.  These numbered cards make great investments much like the other Rajon Rondo rookies.

2006 Upper Deck Exquisite 

Some of the rarest Rajon Rondo cards were those produced by Upper Deck.  The Upper Deck Exquisite rookie card is signed and numbered to only 225.  These basketball cards come with a game used jersey patch embedded in the card.  These unique memorabilia cards make great investments at their current prices.  Currently these cards are selling for around $200 online in Mint 9 condition.

Rajon Rondo has become a bright young talent with Boston Celtics.  His cards are becoming just as popular as Paul Pierce rookie cards and Kevin Garnett rookie cards.  Celtics fans cannot get enough of this extraordinary young talent and in the near future collectors will be forced to take notice.

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