2012 Press Pass Andrew Luck rookie cards were released this week.  These stunning sports cards are the first Andrew Luck rookies to hit the market in 2012.  Press Pass did a great job featuring Luck while including a few different variations to the rookie cards.  Some of the variations include autograph cards which are already selling for over $200.  Some of the autographed Andrew Luck rookie cards are individually andrew-luck-rookie card-press-passnumbered.  Here is a quick breakdown of some of these cards and their current values.

Press Pass Andrew Luck Rookie Card Values

2012 Press Pass #30 – Currently this card is very affordable.  Dealers are selling these rookie cards on Ebay in the $1.00 – $2.00 range, which makes them very affordable.  If Luck turns out to be the next Peyton Manning you can expect a nice return on your money very fast.  Just the hype surrounds Luck will help propel these great cards.

2012 Press Pass Autograph #30– These Andrew Luck autographs are randomly inserted into packs and are currently selling for $100.  These cards are becoming very popular with collectors.  Much like other Andre Luck football cards, autograph cards tend to make great investments.  These cards are not numbered like some of the other Luck Press Pass autographs we will discuss below.

Andrew Luck Autograph Blue Variation– The blue variations of these rare cards are limited to only 50 cards in production.  Because these cards are new it is a little hard to tell what they will be worth until more information can be compiled.  Currently these cards are selling for around $150.

Andrew Luck Power Pick Rookie Card (Red Variation)–  The red variation of these rare Andrew Luck RC card is selling for $400-$500.  These cards are each individually numbered to only 25 cards in existence.  Even though these football cards may be great investments in the near future buyers must be mindful not to overpay for them before a market is set.

2012 Press Pass All American Andrew Luck Rookie Card– The All-American Andrew Luck rookies are randomly inserted in packs of cards.  These cards come signed and un-signed.  Autograph versions have been selling in the $100-$150 range will un-signed cards are selling for $2-$3.  Some of the autographed variations are numbered to only 99 which make them very hard to find.

Press Pass did a wonderful job featuring Andrew with a variety of his rookie cards.  These cards are sure to be popular with collectors and are already getting a lot of attention.  Many collectors believe that Andrew Luck rookie cards as well as Robert Griffin rookie cards will be some of the most popular cards in the hobby in the last decade.  If both live up to their potential you can expect a nice return on your investment.

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