If you do not own a Phil Hughes rookie card you should surely consider buying one as soon as possible. Hughes has become one of the New York Yankees most dependable starters. His earned run average has been outstanding as well as his strikeout to walk ratio. Collector’s started buying almost any and every Phil Hughes rookie card that they can find. If Hughes can continue to put up these amazing numbers he might end up being the New York Yankees ace behind C.C. Sabathia. Some of the best Phil Hughes cards are listed below with there current values.

2004 Bowman Sterling Phil Hughes Rookie Card

This is one of the most expensive Phil Hughes rookie cards. this card is not so easy to find and if you can get your hands on one be prepared to pay top dollar.  These cards currently sell for about $50 ungraded.

2004 Bowman ChromePhil Hughes Rookie Card

 There are a few different versions of this Phil Hughes rookie card.  He has the regular issued card plus some randomly inserted refractors and Xfractors which are much more expensive.  Be prepared philip-hughes-rookie-cardto fork out about $25 for the regular card and $100+ for the Xfractors.

2004 Topps Traded Chrome Phil Hughes Rookie Card

This card was insued in the chrome traded set.  This card is a strong card to invest it as long as you can find a centered one.  These cards can be purchased for about $20.

2007 Bowman Chrome Phil Hughes Rookie Card

Even though this card says rookie card on the front of the card many people do not consider it a Phil Hughes rookie card.  This is due to the fact that he has more than one rookie card that is much older than this baseball card.  This is one of the most popular Phil Hughes baseball cards due to the low prices that exist.  You can purchase these cards for $3-$5 which makes it the most affordable of the rookie cards that we have mentioned.

Some of the best Phil Hughes rookie cards are the one’s that are autographed or signed.  Many of these baseball cards are also individually numbered. The lower the number the more you are going to have to pay in most cases. His rookie cards are not as expensive as the new Stephen Strasburg rookie cards but they will soon catchup if he continues to pitch like he has.  If you intend on buying a Phil Hughes rookie card make sure you buy one before he wins a few more games or you will probably have to pay double.

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