The new Tim Tebow rookie card produced by Panini has collectors extremely happy.  Panini has produced a few variations to the new young Broncos quarterback including jersey cards as well as autographed rookie cards.  If you are starting to collect Tim Tebow rookie cards you will want to consider purchasing some of the RC cards that we will be discussing.  Almost all manufacturers that are producing football cards this have a few rookie cards featuring Tebow.

2010 Press Pass Tim Tebow Rookie Card

This Tim Tebow rookie card shows Tim in his University of Florida Gators jersey.  This will make many Gators fans happy.  This card is a great collectible and is reasonably affordable at $2-$3.

Tim Tebow Rookie Card

2010 Press Pass Authentic Autograph Tim Tebow Rookie Card

There are a few different colored versions of these autographed Tim Tebow rookie cards.   One of the versions even includes a game jersey patch from when Tebow played in college.

2010 Prestige Tim Tebow Rookie Card

The new Panini Prestige products has taken advantage of the hype and fan base that Tim Tebow has by producing a few cards that depict the young rookie.  Many of these Tim Tebow football cards have been hand signed and numbered with a few already selling for over $200.

2009 SI for Kids Tim Tebow Rookie Card

This card is very condition sensitive but may be the dark horse in the future as one of his more popular cards.  The Si card was produced in 2009 which makes it one of the first Tim Tebow rookie cards produced.  This is also not the most expensive Tim Tebow rookie card.  You can find them for a few dollars online.

The value of a Tim Tebow rookie card is very hard to determine when you consider he has not yet taken an NFL snap.  Many NFL teams argue that Tim will never really succeed in the NFL.  Tebow has consistently proved his naysayers wrong and might do so once again.  If you are a Gators fan or just a Tim Tebow fan you will want to consider picking up some of his rookie cards while they are still affordable.  Much like Sam Bradford rookie cards, no one really knows what kind of quarterback Tebow will be in the NFL.  Expect Tim Tebow rookie cards to get a lot of attention with collectors.

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