Nelson Cruz rookie cards are some of the hottest cards in baseball.  His amazing power numbers and speed have the Rangers playing great baseball.  Nelson is becoming one of baseball’s most premiere hitters and card collectors are taking Nelson Cruz Rookie Cardnotice.  Nelson Cruz rookie cards are still very affordable when you consider the potential this young superstar has.  Here are some of the best and most expensive Nelson Cruz rookie cards with their values.

2005 Bowman Chrome Nelson Cruz rookie card

Topps added Nelson to their popular 2005 Bowman Chrome set.  There are a few different variations to these cards including colored numbered variations, autographed rookie cards, refractors and of course Xfractors.  These are some of the best Nelson Cruz rookie cards to date.  Prices vary depending on which card you purchase but the regular issue card sells for about $5 per card and the Xrfractors sell for about $100.

2005 Topps Chrome Update Nelson Cruz Rookie Card

These Topps Nelson Cruz rookie cards were not mass produced like the Bowman rookie cards.  These cards also come with many different color variations that are individually numbered.  There were Refractors and Xfractors produced of these great rookie cards as well.

2006 Topps Finest Nelson Cruz Rookie Card

 Topps Finest are some of the nicest looking Nelson Cruz rookies.  Many of these rookie cards are not expensive and many different colored variations were produced.  Most of these variations are individually numbered and the more popular ones are autographed.

As Nelson Cruz Continue to develop into one of the elite power jitters in baseball his baseball cards will continue to get the attention of investors as well as collectors.  Keep your eye out for Nelson Cruz rookie cards.

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