Masahiro Tanka rookie cards are getting a lot of attention from collectors this month.  Many people don’t even know he actually has few rookie cards that were issued in 2009.  The WBC rookie cards of Tanka are currently his most popular cards.  With teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, and Dodgers bidding on this talented pitcher you can expect his cards to soar in value once he signs.  Here is a quick list of some of his best rookie cards and what they are currently selling for on eBay.

2009 Bowman Chrome WBC Masahiro Tanka Rookie Card


This is currently his most popular rookie card.  This could change as some collectors are more interested in his earlier Japanese rookie cards.  Currently, these cards are selling for $15-$25 on eBay.  These cards are normally not hard to find in Gem MT 10 condition but poor centering can be an issue.   Surface scratches are also something buyers should pay close attention to before making a purchase.  Variations like Xfractors and colored refractors are also available and are much harder to find. Some of the colored refractors are selling for $300-$500 depending.

2009 Topps Chrome Masahiro Tanaka RookieTanaka-chrome

This is another great card produced by Topps in 2009.  They are fetching $15-$25 much like the Bowman Chrome rookie cards.  Refractors sell for $45-$60.  Gem MT 10 versions have fetched premium prices online selling for around $100.

2013 Topps Tribute Rookie

These are some of the nicest designed Masahiro Tanaka rookie cards.  Recent sales have them selling from $15 to over $40.  This wide range is due to the fact that collectors are just not sure what to price them at.  In a recent auction, a Red variation was listed at over $2,000.  Buyers need to beware not to overpay for these Tanaka rookie cards until prices stabilize.

Topps did a great job with these cared when it comes to design and durability.  It is not that hard to find these cards in premium condition.  Buyers should pay close attention to surface scratches as they tend to be common flaws that are often overlooked.

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2007 Konami Baseball Heroes Masahiro Tanaka-KonamiTanaka (Japanese Rookie)

These Tanaka rookie cards are well-designed game cards that have been very popular in Japan.  They are starting to become very popular rookie cards in the U.S.  These game cards are not the easiest to find in premium condition due to thin card stock and dark edges.  The dark edges and corners tend not to hide even the tiniest flaws.  Currently, these cards are selling for $25-30 in NM-MT condition.  Gem MT 10 cards are not common but you can expect them to sell for a few hundred dollars.

2007 BBM Masahiro Tanaka Rookie Card (Japanese)

Some believe this is Tanaka’s best card and will be his most valuable card in years to come.  Currently, this card sells for $30-$60 in Mint condition.  Gem MT 10 versions are not easy to find.  Condition issues can be a real problem with these cards.  White corners are common flaws as well as nicked edges.

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