Mark McGwire autographs have always been popular with collectors. McGwire is one of those rare athletes that have a remarkable fan base.  He will always be remembered as one of the greatest home run hitters baseball has ever seen.  He will also be remembered for his performance enhancing drug use. There are thousands of Mark McGwire autographs being bought and sold online every day.  Knowing which autographs to buy can be hard for any novice mark-mcgwire-autograph-baseballcollector.  Here are some great tips that every collectors should know before buying any Mark McGwire signed collectible.

Collecting Mark McGwire Autographs

Some of the best Mark McGwire autographed collectibles make impressive items.  Buying Mark McGwire autographed baseballs can get complicated if you are not certain what you are doing.  The St. Louis Cardinals 1st baseman various items has various items that he has signed over the years.  Some of these have become great collectible items.  Several of McGwire’s best items are listed below.

  • Signed 8X10 Rookie Photo ($150)
  • Autograph Baseball ($425)
  • McGwire Autographed Game Used Bat ($2,500)

Buying McGwire Autographs

Getting your hands on Mark McGwire signed items is usually very difficult.  People can look at internet websites like Amazon and Ebay to search for his items that they would like to purchase.  Sports autograph conventions are some other terrific places to look for Mark McGwire autographs.  A number of the hottest signed Mark McGwire items are fake. Buyers must be alert who they purchase items from.

Determining the Value 

Most people want to find out what their Mark McGwire signed item is worth.  In most cases there are a few ways to determine this information.  The value of signed collectibles is based on few factors. Several of these factors include the condition of the signature, if it’s genuine or counterfeit, and the popularity of the person that signed the item.  The more popular the player is the more the autograph tends to be worth.  Mark McGwire did not sign a lot of items like some of the other athletes that he played with. This is part of the reason why an autographed Mark McGwire baseball sells for almost double the money of what a Ken Griffey Jr. ball sells for.

Real or Fake? 

There are thousands of fake McGwire signed items being obtained every day.  Here are a few excellent suggestions for spotting counterfeit McGwire autograph items. A good number of these approaches can help you enhance your odds of buying authentic items.

  • Side By Side Comparison (taking a real McGwire signature and comparing to what you are looking to purchase
  • Autograph Sports Magazines can be very helpful
  • Finding an autograph specialist or having the autograph professionally graded

The St. Louis Cardinals 1st baseman is one of the best players in the game.  Buyers should do everything they can to make sure that the autographs they are buying are genuine.  It is better to pay a little more for professionally authenticated autographed McGwire items to protect you from crooks or counterfeit experts.

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