Lou Gehrig baseball cards are some of the most sought after vintage cards in the industry.  With that being said they are still some of the most undervalued baseball cards in the industry.  Lou Gehrig was one of the greatest New York Yankees to ever play the game.  This Yankee Icon was probably the best 1st baseman to ever play in baseball and many people believe he is in the Top 10 all-time greats baseball players to ever play. So why don’t Lou Gehrig baseball cards sell for the prices that Babe Ruth cards and Mickey Mantle cards do?  This is a question that is very hard to answer but maybe this is a great time to start buying some of these rare gems.

Their are plenty of Lou Gehrig cards that exist but only a few that have a chance to double or triple in value in the future.  Here are some cards as well as collectible that you may want to consider purchasing as an investment to possibly reap some financial rewards in the near future.

Best Lou Gehrig Baseball Cards


Goudey Lou Gehrig baseball cards

These are some of the most popular Lou Gehrig cards in the hobby.  The 1933 Goudey Lou Gehrig and 1934 Goudey baseball cards are very well know but very hard to find in good condition.  If you can find these cards in NM to NM-MT condition consider yourself lucky.

Lou Gehrig Autographs

Lou Gehrig autographed baseball’s are some of the most popular collectibles to try to get your hands on of the Yankee slugger.  An autographed baseball signed by Gehrig is worth about $6,000 – $12,000 depending on the condition the autograph is in and where the ball was signed.  On the Sweet Spot or not.  When you compare the prices of other great Hall of Famers autographs Lou Gehrig autograph baseballs are a steal at their current prices.

Memorabilia Lou Gehrig Baseball  Cards

Companies like Topps and Upper Deck have created some amazing Lou Gehrig memorabilia cards.  Some of these cards contain a unique game used item worn buy Gehrig.  Some of these cards also have autographed cuts placed in the center which also can be amazing collectibles.  Almost all of these cards are numbered to either 5 or 10 and some are one of one’s which means they are the only one’s that were ever produced.  These are great investments if you can afford to buy them.

Lou Gehrig will always be remembered as the record holder for consecutive games even though Cal Ripken surpassed his mark. Nicknamed the Iron Horse, Gehrig will always be remembered for his amazing statistics and durability.  Much like Mickey Mantle baseball cards and Babe Ruth baseball cards, Gehrig cards are very popular with Yankees fans.  His cards are starting to receive the recognition that they deserve and possibly bring Lou Gehrig baseball cards to rival some of his great teammates and Hall of Fame counterparts.

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