Lebron James autographs have become very valuable.  Now that Lebron is on the verge of his first NBA title counterfeiters are going to flood the market with fake Lebron James autographs.  In most cases lebron-james-autographcounterfeit autographs are easy to spot. Most are bad copies and do not look anything like an original signature.  Here are some tips that every collector should consider before buying any Lebron James signature.

Buying Lebron James Autographs from Reputable Dealers

This can help any collector increase the odds of buying a legitimate autograph.  Make sure the dealer has some sort of proof of when and where Lebron James signed the item that you are purchasing.  Letters of authenticity can be made on any home computer so it is a good idea to get a money back guarantee from the vendor.  Once you have purchased the item you can have the autograph professional authenticated for $10 by GMA Grading.

Buying  Lebron James Cards that Come in Packs

Companies like Topps, Upper Deck and Panini have had Lebron James sign specific cards while he was under contract.  Lebron James rookie card autographs are fan favorites. These cards add a lot of validity when it comes to the authenticity of the signature.  Some of the best Lebron James rookie cards are also signed.  These rookie cards give collectors the best of both worlds.  An authentic signature and a collectible rookie card make a nice combination and a fantastic investment.

Finding the Value 

Signed Lebron James items can be very valuable.  Some items are worth more than others.  Lebron James rookie cards that have been signed and numbered can sell for thousands of dollars.  An NBA officially licensed basketball sells from $500-$600.  If someone is selling a Lebron James signature to cheap you can bet that the autograph is a fake.  Pay close attention to what the item you are purchasing is selling for online.  Sites like Ebay and Amazon can be very helpful in helping determine the value of a specific Lebron James signed item.

Lebron James autograph collectibles can be great investments.  Make sure that what you are purchasing is real.  If you are not sure have the item professionally authenticated.  Protect your investment by buying from reputable dealers that offer a written money back guarantee.

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