Jose Abreu rookie cards are some of the hottest cards in the hobby.  This is mainly because of the amazing numbers he has put up so far this year.  Currently Abreu is batting . 292 and has a league leading 29 HR’s.  He is also one of the league leaders in RBI’s, with 73.  Jose is an aggressive hitter with booming raw power.  Abreu has been consistent all year and is slugging percentage just proves how good of a hitter he is.  Abreu is very young even though he having played baseball for a while for the Cuban National team.  You can expect his rookie cards to stay hot if he keeps on hitting.

Here is a list of some of the best Jose Abreu rookie cards.  This list includes pricing and condition issues that may be helpful to buyers and sellers.  We will continue to add to the list as his new baseball cards are released.

2014 Prizm Jose Abreu Rookie Card #199

This is one of the nicest Jose Abreu baseball cards produced made so far in 2014.  These cards tend to have nice corners thanks to their thick card stock.  Some variations include autographed rookie cards, colored number variations and Prizm short prints.  Currently you can buy the base cards for $5-$10 depending on the condition the cards are in.  Buyers should pay close attention to surface scratches as well as centering as these are the cards most common flaws.

2014 Prizm Abreu Rookie Reign #19

The Rookie Reign insert is another great card of Abreu.  These cards are currently selling for $5-$10, while the Prizm variations are bringing about twice that.   These are beautiful looking sports cards and depict Abreu holding his Chicago White Sox jersey.

2014 Next ERA Rookie #16

These great looking cards were randomly inserted into packs of 2014 Prizm.  Variations include, Prizms, Mojo Prizms, and other colored variation Prizms.  Most of the card variations are individually numbered.  Currently the base card is selling for $10-$12 ungraded.

2014 Bowman Jose Abreu Rookie #BP17

This is a nice, clean, looking card with a white border.  The card stock is not as strong as the chrome version, but still grades very well.  Buyers should pay close attention to centering and corner deterioration before making a purchase.  One popular variation tin 2014 Bowman is the international rookie which is randomly inserted into packs.  The base cards sell for $3-$5 ungraded while Gem MT 10 versions have been selling for around $50.

2014 Bowman Chrome Rookie #BCP17

This card is one of the most popular Jose Abreu rookie cards.  These cards are clean and durable thanks to the thick card stock.  Topps Jose-Abreu-autographhas done a much better job when it comes to the centering issues they have had in the past.  Most of these Jose Abreu cards are well centered.  Currently these cards can be purchased online for about $5-$8 ungraded.

2014 Bowman Chrome Autograph Rookie

These Jose Abreu rookie cards are randomly inserted into packs of 2014 Bowman Chrome baseball.  Autographed variations are some of the most popular with Abreu fans.  Ungraded Bowman Chrome autographed Abreu rookie cards are selling or around $150.  Graded Gem MT 10 versions have sold for as much as $250 in recent weeks.

2014 Bowman Chrome Mini SP Refractor #CWS1

These mini cards are limited in productions and are very unique.  Autographed refractor variations do exist but are not easy to find.  Poor centering can be an issue with these cards so buyers should pay close attention before making a purchase.

2014 Bowman Chrome Top 100 #34

These black framed cards are stunning.  They are randomly inserted into packs of 2014 Bowman Chrome baseball.  Currently they are selling for $3-$5 but have been getting a lot of attention in the past two weeks.  Buyers may want to buy these now before they get more expensive in the weeks to come.

2014 Bowman Inception

These are some of the nicest looking Jose Abreu rookie cards produced so far in 2014.  Individually numbered colored variations jose abreu rookie cardsare very limited and very popular with collectors.  Many of these colored variations are hand signed by the White Sox slugger and are selling for premium prices.  Buyers should beware of condition issues that are quite prevalent with these cards.  Corners and Edges tend to peel and can greatly affect the condition of the cards.

2014 Topps #496

These Jose Abreu baseball cards were just released.  They are very clean and normally grade very well.  Centering and corner abrasion can be issues when it comes to the condition of these cards.  Currently these cards are trading for $3-$5 on Ebay.  These are great cards at an affordable price.


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